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Hannah Lynn 2016 Fifth Year Release
   Hannah Lynn Art & Design - 2016

Notes: The artwork is collected on regular-sized trading cards, and issued by subscription 
or in annual sets. Further information and scans are posted at the Hannah Lynn website.

No.   Name                 Species                            Original Artwork              Released

187   Neptune & Triton     Pirate Mermaid & Troublemaker      Neptune & Triton              08/2015
188   Lisa & Jaydon        Saltwater Mermaid & Dolphin        Waveriders: Lisa & Jaydon      9/2015
190   Ravenora             Raven-Human                        Ravenora                      10/2015
191   Autumn               Nature Fairy                       Autumn                        11/2015
192   Clara                Human Child                        Nutcracker                    12/2015
193   Starfire & Aspen     Celestial Fairy & White Tiger      Starfire & Aspen              01/2016

San Digo Comic Con 2016 Exclusive Card (limited to 1000)
194   Poppy                Flower Fairy                       Golden Poppy Fairy             7/2016

Limited Edition Glitter Card (sold separately; limited to 25)
194   Poppy                Flower Fairy                       Golden Poppy Fairy             7/2016

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