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Lee MacLeod
Cardz - 1994

Notes:  Can anybody confirm that there was a binder issued for the series? Thanks 
much to Philip Brazina, Jim Goodwin, Ernest Chubbuck, and Alex Esparon for updates!  

Box: 24 packs of 7 cards + 1 TekChrome.
Common sets: approx. 3.36 per box if collation were perfect.
TekChrome sets: approximately 2.40 per box.

No.   Title

  1   The Vampires' Lair
  2   The Sea Snake
  3   Ice Princess
  4   The Wizard's Revenge
  5   On Any Sunday ...
  6   Lost
  7   The Fire Swamp
  8   The Standing Rocks
  9   The Other Universe
 10   The Dark Knight
 11   The Wraith
 12   The Inner Chamber
 13   In the Dungeon
 14   Dawn
 15   The Dragon
 16   The Castle
 17   Minos
 18   What a Ride!
 19   Totem
 20   The Killer
 21   Future Agent
 22   The Aliens
 23   The Robots Take Old Town
 24   The Dino Kights
 25   Battle Jocks
 26   The Electric Queen
 27   The Siren
 28   The Snake Charmer
 29   The Dreamer
 30   The Captive
 31   The Witch
 32   Dragon Lady
 33   The Hunter
 34   The Chase
 35   The First Voyage of Shandar
 36   The Sky Scraper
 37   The End of the World
 38   Murder in Space
 39   Stellar Conflict
 40   Suprise!
 41   Spinal Tap
 42   Through the Mirror
 43   The Ninja
 44   The Mad Scientist
 45   The Samurai
 46   The Warlock from Art Works
 47   Oblivion
 48   The Demon's Skull
 49   The Shaman
 50   Checklist Card


TekChromes (1 per pack)

T1    The Wizards' Prize
T2    Spirits
T3    The Day Time Ended
T4    Netherworld
T5    Secrets
T6    The Vision
T7    The Magic Sphere
T8    Encounter
T9    Invisible
T10   Alien Domination

Autograph card(s) (1:576 packs)

 16   Lee MacLeod  [Count Dracula's castle / silver ink]
 17   Lee MacLeod  [Minos / silver ink]

Card Album

 --   (binder)


 P1   Huntress
 P2   (green alien looking through horizontal blinds)
 --   (dealer sell sheet)

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