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Madagascar (Movie)
   Comic Images - 2005

Note:  Further information is found at the Comic Images web archive.

Box: 48 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.33 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Madagascar (Title Card)

The Cast

  2   Alex the Lion
  3   Marty the Zebra
  4   Gloria the Hippo
  5   Melman the Giraffe
  6   Mort the Little Lemur
  7   King Julien and Maurice
  8   The Monkeys
  9   The Penguins

New York City

 10   Just a Native... New Yorker?
 11   My Favorite Lion
 12   A Whole New Act?
 13   The Main Event
 14   Showstopping Alex
 15   Marty's Cool Act
 16   A Small Fry Favorite
 17   The Hippest Hippo
 18   Melman's Complaints
 19   Operation: Escape
 20   A Zebra's Life
 21   Penguin Patrol
 22   No Pen for Penguins
 23   Of Fame and Food
 24   Star Specialties
 25   Gloria's Food Fantasy
 26   The Mane Man
 27   Marty's Birthday
 28   Chumped-Out Chimps
 29   A Cake for All Critters
 30   Eating Like Animals
 31   Party Animals
 32   What's It All About, Alex?
 33   Marty's Mid-Life Crisis
 34   "Let's Do It!"
 35   Who's Better Than Us?
 36   Melman's Warke-Up Call
 37   Where's Marty?
 38   Friend in a Frenzy
 39   Calling for Help
 40   What Friends Are For
 41   Marty's NY Adventure
 42   The Big Breakout
 43   Heading Downtown
 44   Going Loco on the Local
 45   At Grand Central
 46   Pals Reunited
 47   In Big Trouble
 48   A Clocked Calamity
 49   The Cops Close In
 50   Alex Strusts His Stuff
 51   Dream On, Alex
 52   All Boxed In


 53   The Great Escape
 54   Next Stop ... The Wild?
 55   Out to Sea
 56   Alex the Survivor
 57   Unpacking Melman
 58   The Return of Gloria
 59   By Porpoise on Purpose
 60   This Can't Be San Diego!
 61   A Simple Plan
 62   It's a Jungle in Ther
 63   The Natives Are Restless
 64   The New York Giants?
 65   A Big Hug for Little Mort
 66   Out of Sight?
 67   Hapless and Hopeful
 68   The Island Rocks!
 69   All Hail King Julien
 70   Fiercer than the Foosa?
 71   The Penguins Strike Back!
 72   The Checklist

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