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Mafia Family
Mother Productions - 1991

Note:  Originally distributed as a boxed factory set.  Thanks exceedingly to Barry Landesman
for the checklist!

No.   Front Illustration                 Subset / Back Information

 --   Willie Moretti murdered            Handprint logo
  1   "Spare Luggage" (Body in a trunk)  Chicago Main Gangs list
  2   St. Valentines Day Massacre        Crime commission list
  3   Frank McErlane                     Chicago-Saltis Gang
  4   Joe Saltis                         Chicago-Saltis Gang
  5   Dion O'Banion                      Chicago O'Bannon Gang
  6   Hymie Weiss                        Chicago O'Bannon Gang
  7   George "Bugs" Moran                Chicago O'Bannon Gang
  8   Leland Varian                      Chicago O'Bannon Gang
  9   The Genna Family                   Chicago Terrible Gennas Gang
 10   Spike O'Donnell                    Chicago O'Donnell Gang
 11   Jim Colosimo                       Chicago Colosimo Gang
 12   Johnny Torrio                      Chicago Torrio-Capone Gang
 13   Al Capone                          Chicago Torrio-Capone Gang
 14   Ralph Capone                       Chicago Torrio-Capone Gang
 15   Frank Nitti                        Chicago Torrio-Capone Gang
 16   Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel            Bugsy-Meyer Mob
 17   Meyer Lansky                       Bugsy-Meyer Mob
 18   Giuseppe Masseria                  NY Masseria Group
 19   Salvatore Maranzano                NY Maranzano Group
 20   Lucky Luciano's Funeral            N.Y. Family--Luciano-Genovese list
 21   Salvatore Lucania                  NY Luciana Family
 22   Vito Genovese                      NY Luciana Family
 23   Frank Costello                     NY Luciano-Genovese Family
 24   Albert Anastasia gunned down       NY Family--Mangano-Anastasia list
 25   Albert Anastasia                   NY Mangano Family
 26   Carlos Gambino                     NY Mangano-Gambino Family
 27   Paul Castellano                    NY Mangano-Gambino Family
 28   Joe Colombo after shooting         NY Family--Profaci-Colombo list
 29   Joseph Profaci                     NY Profaci Family
 30   Joseph Colombo, Sr.                NY Profaci-Colombo Family
 31   Black Hand Print--Mark of Death    NY Family--Bonnano list
 32   Joseph Bonnano                     NY Bonnano Family
 33   Carmine Galente                    NY Bonnano Family
 34   Black Tuesday/Wallstreet           NY Family--Gagliano-Lucchese list
 35   Thomas Gagliano                    NY Gagliano Family
 36   Gaetano Lucchese                   NY Gagliano Family
 37   Joseph Valachi                     Mafia Informant
 38   "Tommy Gun"
 39   The death of "Bugsy" Siegel        Omerta (Code Of Silence)
 40   Joseph Colombo picketing the FBI   "Morte Alla Francia Italia Anela" *

 *    Which means, "Death to France, Italy cries" ... The first letters
      of each word spell "Mafia."

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©2001, 2009 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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