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Mage Knight Trading Cards
Upper Deck / WizKids - 2001

Notes:  Mage Knight is a game played with miniatures, but it turned out to be 
popular enough to spawn a card set in the same universe. Cards provide back-
ground descriptions of characters portrayed by miniatures, with play stats and 
game tips. The "RE" base cards represent figurines of three rarity levels in the 
"Rebellion" expansion, where RE1 refers to characters 1, 2, and 3 and RE10 
refers to figures 28, 29, and 30. The "LA" base cards through LA44 represent 
figurines of three levels in the "Lancers" expansion, i.e., LA10 refers to figures 
L28, L29, and L30. "RE" chase cards represent unique Rebellion characters 145- 
160, and LA45-LA54 represent unique Lancers characters L133-142. Thanks 
much to Clinton Gibbs for the original list! Further information on the figures 
and game is available at the WizKids Mage Knight website; the card-based page 
at Upper Deck has been removed.

Each box contains two miniatures. Pre-release and post-release information is 
conflicting, but there are supposed to be versions unique to the trading card 
distribution, with one "rare" and three "common" figures per 2 boxes. Prepress 
said there would be ten exclusive figures; eight boxes provided what I thought 
were the only ones, all from the Lancers expansion: 3 commons, 3 rares, and 
the by-redemption Mounted Elven General. If there are three more, the figures 
may have been unevenly distributed among cases.

Box: 24 packs of 8 cards + 2 miniatures.
Common sets (96): approx. 1.87 per box if collation were perfect.

No.     Title                                    Faction

"Rebellion" Characters

RE1     Utem Crossbowman                         Atlantis Guild
RE2     Utem Guardsman                           Atlantis Guild
RE3     Brass Golem                              Atlantis Guild
RE4     Demi-Magus                               Atlantis Guild
RE5     Woodland Scout                           Elemental League
RE6     Mending Priestess                        Elemental League
RE7     Crystal Bladesman                        Elemental League
RE8     Ranger                                   Elemental League
RE9     Zombie                                   Necropolis Sect
RE10    Nightblade                               Necropolis Sect
RE11    Grave Robber                             Necropolis Sect
RE12    Feral Bloodsucker                        Necropolis Sect
RE13    Khamsin Freelancer                       Black Powder Rebels
RE14    Khamsin Fuser                            Black Powder Rebels
RE15    Leech Medic                              Black Powder Rebels
RE16    Dwarven Berserker                        Black Powder Rebels
RE17    Amotep Gunner                            Atlantis Guild
RE18    Amotep Incinerator                       Atlantis Guild
RE19    Blade Golem                              Atlantis Guild
RE20    Altem Guardsman                          Atlantis Guild
RE21    Wood Golem                               Elemental League
RE22    Troll Brawler                            Elemental League
RE23    Troll Artillerist                        Elemental League
RE24    Living Elemental                         Elemental League
RE25    Seething Knight                          Necropolis Sect
RE26    Bone Golem                               Necropolis Sect
RE27    Nightstalker                             Necropolis Sect
RE28    Screeching Terror                        Necropolis Sect
RE29    Amazon Blademistress                     Black Powder Rebels
RE30    Black Powder Boomer                      Black Powder Rebels
RE31    Dwarven Fuser                            Black Powder Rebels
RE32    Steam Golem                              Black Powder Rebels
RE33    Noble Archer                             Knights Immortal
RE34    Royal Pikeman                            Knights Immortal
RE35    Liege Knight                             Knights Immortal
RE36    Temple Blademaster                       Knights Immortal
RE37    Slasher                                  Orc Raiders
RE38    Crusher                                  Orc Raiders
RE39    Shaman                                   Orc Raiders
RE40    Half-Troll Hacker                        Orc Raiders
RE41    Imp                                      Mage Spawn
RE42    Skeleton                                 Mage Spawn
RE43    Shade                                    Mage Spawn
RE44    Deep Spawn                               Mage Spawn
RE45    Ki Devil                                 Mage Spawn
RE46    Werewolf                                 Mage Spawn
RE47    Werebear                                 Mage Spawn
RE48    Crypt Worm                               Mage Spawn

"Lancers" Characters

LA1     Whirling Golem                           Atlantis Guild
LA2     Iron Lung                                Atlantis Guild
LA3     Centaur Outrider                         Elemental League
LA4     Centaur Archer                           Elemental League
LA5     Marsh Zombie                             Necropolis Sect
LA6     Lurker                                   Necropolis Sect
LA7     Shield Maiden                            Black Powder Rebels
LA8     Khamsin Gunslinger                       Black Powder Rebels
LA9     Squire                                   Knights Immortal
LA10    Elf-at-Arms                              Knights Immortal
LA11    Longbow Archer                           Knights Immortal
LA12    Deepwood Sentinel                        Knights Immortal
LA13    Goblin Grenadier                         Orc Raiders
LA14    Goblin Cannibal                          Orc Raiders
LA15    Goblin Archer                            Orc Raiders
LA16    Goblin Volunteer                         Orc Raiders
LA17    Technomancer                             Atlantis Guild
LA18    Centaur Lieutenant                       Elemental League
LA19    Flesh Golem                              Necropolis Sect
LA20    Huntsman                                 Black Powder Rebels
LA21    Elven Zealot                             Knights Immortal
LA22    Faith Healer                             Knights Immortal
LA23    Shieldwall Knight                        Knights Immortal
LA24    Tribal Brute                             Orc Raiders
LA25    Bone Grinder                             Orc Raiders
LA26    Barber-Surgeon                           Orc Raiders
LA27    Specter                                  Mage Spawn
LA28    Whelp                                    Draconum
LA29    Scorpem Gunner on Scorpion Mount         Atlantis Guild
LA30    Soaring Gunner on Dragonfly Mount        Atlantis Guild
LA31    Scorpem Crossbowman on Scorpion Mount    Atlantis Guild
LA32    Soaring Crossbowman on Dragonfly Mount   Atlantis Guild
LA33    Fell Reeper on Skeletal Fell Beast       Necropolis Sect
LA34    Nightmare Reaper on Nightmare            Necropolis Sect
LA35    Fell Banshee on Skeletal Fell Beast      Necropolis Sect
LA36    Nightmare Banshee on Nightmare           Necropolis Sect
LA37    Light Lancer on Light Warhorse           Knights Immortal
LA38    Heavy Lancer on Heavy Warhorse           Knights Immortal
LA39    Light Cavalier on Light Warhorse         Knights Immortal
LA40    Heavy Cavalier on Heavy Warhorse         Knights Immortal
LA41    Cave Butcher on Cave Runner              Orc Raiders
LA42    Ankhar Butcher on Ankhar Runner          Orc Raiders
LA43    Cave Archer on Cave Runner               Orc Raiders
LA44    Ankhar Archer on Ankhar Runner           Orc Raiders
LA45    High Battle Mage on Scorpion Mount       Atlantis Guild
LA46    Techun on Dragonfly Mount                Atlantis Guild
LA47    King of the Dead on Skeletal Fell Beast  Necropolis Sect
LA48    Uhlrik Charger on Nightmare              Necropolis Sect


Gold Foils (The Unique Figs) (1:3 packs)

RE49    Magus                                    Atlantis Guild
RE50    Storm Golem                              Atlantis Guild
RE51    Elemental Priest                         Elemental League
RE52    Troll Chieftain                          Elemental League
RE53    Necromancer                              Necropolis Sect
RE54    Order of Vladd                           Necropolis Sect
RE55    Dwarven Jarl                             Black Powder Rebels
RE56    Amazon Queen                             Black Powder Rebels
RE57    Paladin Prince                           Knights Immortal
RE58    Chaos Mage                               Orc Raiders
RE59    Wraith                                   Mage Spawn
RE60    Neophant                                 Draconum
RE61    Magna Draconum                           Draconum
RE62    Magus Draconum                           Draconum
RE63    Mystic Draconum                          Draconum
RE64    Hierophant                               Draconum

LA49    Champion on Heavy Warhorse               Knights Immortal
LA50    Martyr on Light Warhorse                 Knights Immortal
LA51    High Elf General                         Knights Immortal
LA52    Taskmaster                               Orc Raiders
LA53    Lich                                     Mage Spawn
LA54    Arcane Draconum                          Draconum

Melee Cards (1:6 packs)

ME1     Dwarven Berserker v. Ki Devil
ME2     Woodland Scout v. Nightblade
ME3     Utem Guardsman v. Khamsin Freelancer
ME4     Necromancer v. Temple Blademaster
ME5     Screeching Terror v. Black Powder Boomer
ME6     Amotep Incinerator v. Crypt Worm
ME7     Feral Bloodsucker v. Liege Knight
ME8     Amazon Blademistress v. Half-Troll Hacker
ME9     Brass Golem v. Wood Golem
ME10    Crusher v. Werebear
ME11    Chaos Mage v. Magna Draconum
ME12    Magus v. Elemental Priest
ME13    Paladin Prince v. Wraith
ME14    Steam Golem v. Bone Golem
ME15    Magus Draconum v. Order of Vladd
ME16    Hierophant v. Storm Golem

MK Dragon Cards (1:143 packs)

DR1     Great Fire Dragon                        Elemental League
DR2     Great Fire Dragon                        Elemental League
DR3     Venomous Shadow Dragon                   Elemental League
DR4     Venomous Shadow Dragon                   Elemental League

Signature Series (signed and numbered to 500)

SE-1    Jordan Weisman - Game Designer           Elemental League
SE-2    Kevin Barrett - Game Designer            Atlantis Guild
SE-3    Alex Garner - Character Designer         Atlantis Guild
SE-4    Carlos D'Anda - Character Designer       Knights Immortal
SE-5    Jeff Wilhelm - Sculptor                  Black Powder Rebels
SE-6    Dave Summers - Sculptor                  Elemental League
SE-7    ?
SE-8    Tim Prow - Sculptor                      Mage Spawn
SE-9    Jeff Grace - Sculptor                    Necropolis Sect

Mage Knight Lancers Figurines (1.5 per box)

L147    Slurshem (Zombie) (Pt. 21)               Necropolis Sect
L153    Willow Nock (Pt. 23)                     Knights Immortal
L155    Boombock (Pt. 28)                        Orc Raiders

Rare Figurines (1 per 2 boxes)

L148    Rendark (Pt. 32)                         Necropolis Sect
L151    Squire Thomas (Pt. 21)                   Knights Immortal
L156    Gishki (Pt. 14)                          Orc Raiders

Elven General Figure (1:95 packs; by redemption)

L000    Mounted Elven General (Pt. 104)          Knights Immortal
RD-1    Congratulations! (redemption card)


LA 0    Slurshem (Zombie) [Gold Foil]            Necropolis Sect

Searchwords: jahoc, yr2001, mfrUpperDeck, mfrWizKids, catFantasy 
©2004, 2007, 2008 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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