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Magic Photos
   Topps - 1949

Notes: This series features a large number of diverse subsets. Cards are 7/8" x 
1-7/16" and show "develop-with-water" photographs. Undeveloped cards are 
difficult to compare against a checklist, of course. The series is often confused 
with the 1956 "Hocus Focus" set. American Card Catalog reference is R714-27. 
Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

     No.     Title                      Subtitle

Boxing Champions

  1 of 24A   Tommy Burns
  2 of 24A   Jonn L. Sullivan
  3 of 24A   James J. Corbett
  4 of 24A   Bob Fitzsimmons
  5 of 24A   James J. Jeffries
  6 of 24A   Jack Johnson
  7 of 24A   Jess Willard
  8 of 24A   Jack Dempey
  9 of 24A   Gene Tunney
 10 of 24A   Max Schmeling
 11 of 24A   Jack Sharkey
 12 of 24A   Primo Carnera
 13 of 24A   Max Baer
 14 of 24A   James J. Braddock
 15 of 24A   Joe Louis
 16 of 24A   Gus Lesnevich
 17 of 24A   Tony Zale
 18 of 24A   Ike Williams
 19 of 24A   Buddy Baer
 20 of 24A   Marcel Cerdan
 21 of 24A   Manual Ortiz
 22 of 24A   Rinty Monaghan
 23 of 24A   Willie Pep
 24 of 24A   Ray Robinson

All American Basketball

   1 of 6B   Ralph Beard                Kentucky
   2 of 6B   Murray Wier                Univ. of Iowa
   3 of 6B   Ed. Macauley
   4 of 6B   Kevin O'Shea
   5 of 6B   Jim McIntyre
   6 of 6B   Manhattan Beats Dartmouth

All American Football

  1 of 13C   Barney Poole               Misssippi
  2 of 13C   Pete Elliott               Michigan
  3 of 13C   Doak Walker                S.M.U.
  4 of 13C   Bill Swiacki               Columbia
  5 of 13C   Bill Fischer               Notre Dame
  6 of 13C   Johnny Lujack              Notre Dame
  7 of 13C   Chas. P. Bednerik          Univ. of Penn.
  8 of 13C   Joe Steffy                 Army
  9 of 13C   George Connor              Notre Dame
 10 of 13C   Steve Suhey                Penn. State
 11 of 13C   Bob Chappuis               Michigan
 12 of 13C   Columbia-23 Navy-14
 13 of 13C   Army-Notre Dame

Wrestling Champions

  1 of 25D   Frank Gotch
  2 of 25D   Mackenschmidt
  3 of 25D   Stanislaus Zbyszko
  4 of 25D   Jim Browning
  5 of 25D   Jim Londos
  6 of 25D   Strangler Lewis
  7 of 25D   George Becker
  8 of 25D   Ernie Dusek
  9 of 25D   Rudy Dusek
 10 of 25D   Dean Detton
 11 of 25D   Masked Marvel
 12 of 25D   Maurice Tillet
 13 of 25D   Olaf Swenson
 14 of 25D   Tony Galento
 15 of 25D   Frank Sexton
 16 of 25D   George Calza
 17 of 25D   Arm Lock
 18 of 25D   Flying Drop Kick-Football
 19 of 25D   Primo Carnera
 20 of 25D   Gino Garibaldi
 21 of 25D   "Lord" Jan Blears
 22 of 25D   Joe Savoldi
 23 of 25D   Dick Shikat
 24 of 25D   Wadleslaw
 25 of 25D   Steinke

Track and Field Champions

  1 of 17E   Jesse Owens
  2 of 17E   Leo Steers
  3 of 17E   Ben Eastman
  4 of 17E   Harrison Dillard
  5 of 17E   Greg Rice
  6 of 17E   Harry Kolehmainen
  7 of 17E   Gunder Hagg
  8 of 17E   Chas. Pores
  9 of 17E   Grover Kelmmer
 10 of 17E   Boyd Brown
 11 of 17E   Pat Ryan
 12 of 17E   Charley Fonville
 13 of 17E   C. Warmerdam
 14 of 17E   Army-Navy Tie
 15 of 17E   Haaken Lidman              Sweden
 16 of 17E   Morris (Army) Wins
 17 of 17E   M. Jarvinen                Javelin

Stars of Stage and Screen

  1 of 22F   Clark Gable
  2 of 22F   Barbara Stanwyck
  3 of 22F   Lana Turner
  4 of 22F   Ingred Bergman
  5 of 22F   Betty Grable
  6 of 22F   Tyrone Power
  7 of 22F   Olivia DeHavilland
  8 of 22F   Joan Fontaine
  9 of 22F   June Allyson
 10 of 22F   Dorothy Lamour
 11 of 22F   William Powell
 12 of 22F   Sylvia Sidney
 13 of 22F   Van Johnson
 14 of 22F   Virginia Mayo
 15 of 22F   Claudette Colbert
 16 of 22F   Eve Arden
 17 of 22F   Lyn Bari
 18 of 22F   Maureen O'Hara
 19 of 22F   Jean Arthur
 20 of 22F   Hazel Brooks
 21 of 22F   Martha Vickers
 22 of 22F   Noreen Nash

American Dogs

  1 of 17G   Wire Haired Terrier
  2 of 17G   Chow
  3 of 17G   Cairn Terrier
  4 of 17G   White Sealyham
  5 of 17G   St. Bernard
  6 of 17G   Boston Bull
  7 of 17G   Greyhound
  8 of 17G   Dalmatian
  9 of 17G   Pointer
 10 of 17G   Cocker Spaniel
 11 of 17G   English Bull
 12 of 17G   Champion Pointer
 13 of 17G   Setter
 14 of 17G   Boxer
 15 of 17G   Russian Wolfhound
 16 of 17G   Doberman
 17 of 17G   Collie

General Sports

  1 of 25H   Mr. & Mrs. George Remington
  2 of 25H   Bernice Dossey

Movie Stars

 1 of 45-J   Mack Brown
 2 of 45-J   Andy Clyde
 3 of 45-J   Roddy McDowell
 4 of 45-J   Keye Luke
 5 of 45-J   Jackie Coogan
 6 of 45-J   Joe Kirkwood Jr.
 7 of 45-J   Jackie Cooper
 8 of 45-J   Arthur Lake
 9 of 45-J   Sam Levene
10 of 45-J   Binnie Barnes
11 of 45-J   Gertrude Niesen
12 of 45-J   Rory Calhoun
13 of 45-J   Jne Lockhart
14 of 45-J   Hedy Lamarr
15 of 45-J   Robert Cummings
16 of 45-J   Brian Aherne
17 of 45-J   William Bendix
18 of 45-J   Roland Winters
19 of 45-J   Michael O'Shea
20 of 45-J   Lois Butler
21 of 45-J   Renie Riano
22 of 45-J   Jimmy Wakely
23 of 45-J   Audie Murphy
24 of 45-J   Leo Gorcey
25 of 45-J   Leon Errol
26 of 45-J   Lon Chaney
27 of 45-J   William Frawley
28 of 45-J   Billy Benedict
29 of 45-J   Rod Cameron
30 of 45-J   James Gleason
31 of 45-J   Gilbert rioland
32 of 45-J   Raymond Hatton
33 of 45-J   Joe Yule
34 of 45-J   Eddie Albert
35 of 45-J   Barry Sullivan
36 of 45-J   Richard Basehart
37 of 45-J   Claire Trevor
38 of 45-J   Constance Bennett
39 of 45-J   Gale Storm
40 of 45-J   Elyse Knox
41 of 45-J   Jane Wyatt
42 of 45-J   Whip Wilson
43 of 45-J   Charles Bickford
44 of 45-J   Guy Madison
45 of 45-J   Barton MacLane

Baseball Hall of Fame

 1 of 19-K   Lou Boudreau
 2 of 19-K   Cleveland Indians
 3 of 19-K   Bob Elliott
 4 of 19-K   Cleveland Indians 4-3
 5 of 19-K   Lou Boudreau Scoring
 6 of 19-K   "Babe" ruth 714
 7 of 19-K   Tris Speaker 792
 8 of 19-K   Rogers Hornsby
 9 of 19-K   Connie Mack
10 of 19-K   Christy Mathewson
11 of 19-K   Hans Wagner
12 of 19-K   Grover Alexander
13 of 19-K   Ty Cobb
14 of 19-K   Lou Gehrig
15 of 19-K   Walter Johnson
16 of 19-K   Cy Young
17 of 19-K   George Sisler 257
18 of 19-K   Tinker and Evers
19 of 19-K   Third Base Cleveland Indians

Aviation Pioneers

  1 of 9-L   Colonial Airlines
  2 of 9-L   James Doolittle
  3 of 9-L   Wiley Post 1933
  4 of 9-L   Eddie Rickenbacker
  5 of 9-L   Amelia Earhart
  6 of 9-L   Charles Lindbergh
  7 of 9-L   Doug Corrigan
  8 of 9-L   Chas. A. Levine
  9 of 9-L   Wright Brothers

Famous Landmarks

  1 of 9-M   Niagara Falls
  2 of 9-M   Empire State 110 Stories
  3 of 9-M   Leaning Tower of Pisa
  4 of 9-M   Eiffel Tower
  5 of 9-M   Lincoln Memorial
  6 of 9-M   Statue of Liberty Bedloe's Island
  7 of 9-M   Geyser Yellowstone National Park
  8 of 9-M   Sphinx
  9 of 9-M   Washington Monument

American Inventors

  1 of 8-N   Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin
  2 of 8-N   Thomas A. Edison
  3 of 8-N   C. E. Duryea
  4 of 8-N   Benjamin Franklin
  5 of 8-N   V.K. Zworykin Television
  6 of 8-N   Robert Fulton Steamboat
  7 of 8-N   Samuel Morse Telegraph - 1932
  8 of 8-N   Alexander Graham Bell Telephone 1876

American Military Leaders

 1 of 10-O   Joseph Stilwell
 2 of 10-O   Admiral Chester Nimitz
 3 of 10-O   George Patton
 4 of 10-O   General John Pershing
 5 of 10-O   Admiral David Farragut
 6 of 10-O   Jonathan Wainwright
 7 of 10-O   Douglas MacArthur
 8 of 10-O   General Omar Bradley
 9 of 10-O   George Dewey
10 of 10-O   General Dwight Eisenhower

American Explorers

  1 of 2-P   Admiral Robert Peary
  2 of 2-P   Richard E. Byrd

Basketball Thrills

  1 of 5-Q   St. Louis University
  2 of 5-Q   Long Island University
  3 of 5-Q   Notre Dame
  4 of 5-Q   Kentucky 58-42
  5 of 5-Q   Depaul 75 to 64

Football Thrills

  1 of 5-R   Wally Triplett
  2 of 5-R   Gil Stephenson
  3 of 5-R   Northwestern
  4 of 5-R   Yale Bulldog - Columbia Lions
  5 of 5-R   Cornell

Figures of The Wild West

  1 of 7-S   General Custer
  2 of 7-S   Buffalo Bill Cody
  3 of 7-S   Sitting Bull
  4 of 7-S   Annie Oakley
  5 of 7-S   Jesse James
  6 of 7-S   Geronimo
  7 of 7-S   Billy the Kid

General Sports

  1 of 7-T   Soccer
  2 of 7-T   Motor Boat Racing
  3 of 7-T   Ice Hockey
  4 of 7-T   Water Skiing
  5 of 7-T   Gallorette
  6 of 7-T   Headlock
  7 of 7-T   Tennis

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