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Magic Pictures
   Bowman - 1955

Notes: This oddball set features cards that are 1-1/4", sold either as a sheet of 2 or 
a sheet of 6, with a plastic lens (for cards with lenticular effects) and gum. American 
Card Catalog reference is R701-8. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

No.   Description                                       Text

  1   circle brown, yellow, yellow, green
  2   green                                             Drag Net
  3   green, boy face
  4   yellow, rabbit tophat
  5   cyan, propellor hat yellow center
  6   yellow, balding man                               Top Secret
  7   cyan, jack-o-lantern
  8   yellow, balloons, spinning disk
  9   circle green, yellow, blue
 10   green, furrowed brow, cigar
 11   yellow                                            Hats Off
 12   white, rabbit in aqua box
 13   white, dog nose, circle yellow,blue
 14   green, ice cream cone
 15   blue, dictionary                                  Words Fail Me
 16   circle blue, yellow center
 17   yellow, clown
 18   yellow, squirrel                                  Nuts To You
 19   white, green fan yellow center
 20   yellow, cello                                     I Dig You the Most
 21   green, toe in water                               BRR!
 22   white, two straws
 23   circle cyan, yellow, yellow
 24   cyan, clown face
 25   green, diving                                     What a Dive
 26   yellow, bald face
 27   aqua, signal pins
 28   green, Family Album
 29   yellow, hot-air balloon                           Do Drop In
 30   circle green, blue, yellow
 31   green, riding bull
 32   yellow, rabbit toting                             Funny Bunny
 33   yellow, sticking tongue out
 34   white, green fan, pen
 35   circle yellow, snowflake, blue center
 36   blue, radiator                                    Steam Heat
 37   green, head big mouth
 38   yellow, chair                                     Real Gone
 39   yellow, owl                                       Who You
 40   circle green, gray, yellow
 41   yellow, alarm clock
 42   aqua, kittens
 43   yellow, lobster
 44   green, rabbit carrying
 45   green, doghouse                                   No Dogs Allowed
 46   cyan, ladder
 47   circle blue, yellow, yellow center
 48   yellow, cat with collar                           Beware the Cats
 49   green, cheerleader                                Go! Go! Go!
 50   yellow, circle brogn, green
 51, dog gold medal
 52   green, pipe, hat
 53   circle green 8 bands, blue, yellow
 54   yellow, swarm                                     Don't Be a Pest
 55   yellow, black parrot
 56   aqua, big nose facing L
 57   green, telephones                                 Party Line
 58   circle green, hexagon, bg yellow center
 59   aqua, pitcher
 60   yellow, monkey dripping                           I'm Stuck On You
 61   green, pointed hair
 62   white, blue car yellow wheel
 63   blue, monkey, tree
 64   green, binoculars                                 Oh Brother
 65   yellow, in barrel                                 Clean Sweep
 66   circle, yellow spin, blue, yellow
 67   yellow                                            Pow Right in the Kisser
 68   cyan, roasting fish
 69   circle, green 8 points, cyan, yellow
 70   green, flipping coin
 71   aqua, insect drawing
 72   yellow, 8 ball                                    Behind the 8 Ball
 73   blue                                              Post No Bills
 74   green, alarm clock
 75   circle, yellow rays, cyan, cyan
 76   yellow, apple, tree
 77   green, top hat executive
 78   white, drawing on cyan clipboard
 79   yellow, bodybuilder                               Call Me Muscles
 80   cyan, clown pointed hat
 81   circle, purple/cyan, eraser
 82   yellow, athlete                                   Back Number
 83   green, man in fedora
 84   circle, blue, cyan, yellow
 85   yellow, long bangs
 86   green, walking alarm clock                        Time Marches On
 87   cyan, kangaroo                                    It's in the Bag
 88   circle, green,, yellow
 89   yellow, sipping coffee
 90   cyan, hanging paper figures
 91   white, gray building, yellow fan
 92   cyan, drum                                        Beat It!
 93   green, jumping fire hydrant                       Hi!
 94   yellow, big bow tie
 95   circle blue, cyan fan, yellow
 96   green, clapping seal
 97   circle green,, green, yellow, blue
 98   aqua, bullfighter, bull                           Handle with Care
 99   yellow, boy and dog, circus                       I'm With You
100   green, cowboy
101   green, retrieving fish
102   yellow, running, hat off
103   green, Juggernaut
104   yellow, flivver                                   And Away We Go
105   yellow, quartet                                   Hep Cat
106   circle aqua, gray, yellow, yellow
107   cyan, rabbit running
108   green, smile small clown hat
109   cyan, ladder                                      Wow!
110   green, kitten
111   yellow, duck walking
112   yellow, football helmet
113   circle green, brown, yellow, brown
114   cyan, ropes                                       I'm All Tied Up
115   yellow, Sherlock                                  Private Eye
116   cyan, rocking baby
117   green, clown looking R
118   white, yellow fan balloon over city
119   circle brown, yellow, brown, yellow, brown, blue
120   green, cell mates                                 So What's New?
121   cirle brown, yellow, black, blue
122   cyan, face with cap
123   green, wide eyes
124   white, lighthouse, fan
125   cyan, blowing bubbles
126   yellow, big baseball                              Get On The Ball
127   yellow, circle yellow, brown, green, black
128   cyan, chief                                       My Injuns Racing
129   aqua, puffed cheek
130   green, yellow man umbrella
131   green, cat peering
132   yellow, fierce face
133   circle black, green, black, blue, yellow
134   yellow, sweat dropping
135   yellow, doghouse                                  In the Dog House
136   green, cowboy on horse
137   white, balloons and camera
138   cyan, toting ice                                  Cool Man
139   green, Human Cannon Ball
140   yellow, head popping up
141   yellow, dome head                                 Just the Facts Ma'm
142   cyan, alligator
143   circle, yellow, yellow
144   green, elephant                                   Working for Peanuts
145   white, bicycle cyan wheels
146   green, nose in book                               Get Smart
147   green, thoughts of girl
148   aqua, bullfighter, bull
149   yellow                                            Champ Jerk
150   circle gray, green 6 points, yellow, yellow
151   white, yellow fan green center
152   green, police hat
153   cyan, hatched
154   white, hammer strength
155   circle gray, green many points, yellow, lt.gray
156   yellow, bubble helmet                             Space Cadet
157   cyan, witch in mask                               Get Lost
158   yellow, hat over face
159   yellow, girl running
160   green, rabbit                                     Crazy Wabbit
161   cyan, big lips bow tie
162   circle brown, yellow, yellow, green
163   yellow, dog, cans, moon
164   green, riding bull                                No Parking
165   circle cyan, green, yellow
166   cyan, cowboy on horse
167   yellow, investigating                             Three Blind Mice
168   green, clown juggling
169   yellow, big grin
170   cyan, owl at desk                                 Wise Guy
171   green, zig zag hat
172   circle brown, yellow 5 point, green
173   yellow, man juggling in suit
174   green, graduation                                 Smart Cookie
175   yellow, kangaroo, joey
176   green, laughing horse
177   circle cyan, knife, fork
178   aqua, hot seat                                    Hot Stuff
179   green, monkey pointing                            You!
180   circle black, green, yellow
181   green, comic cow
182   circle brown, yellow 6 point, green
183   cyan, apple to horse
184   cyan, empty cup                                   Gee Thanks
185   yellow, clown facing L big grin
186   circle yellow, gray, bowling pins
187   circle blue,, cyan, yellow
188   yellow, umbrella
189   yellow                                            Sh! Genius at Work
190   green, girl on swing
191   white, green tank yellow wheels
192   aqua, cloud face                                  Blow
193   cyan, climbing tree
194   green, orating to thin man
195   yellow, alarm clock                               Give Me a Ring
196   circle blue, cyan, green, yellow
197   white circle cyan, elephant, circus
198   cyan                                              "Crazy" Man
199   green, triangle mouth
200   circle blue,,blue,brown, yellow, brown
201   yellow, lifting weights
202   cyan, bodybuilder                                 Are You For Real?
203   cyan, penguin                                     Black and White
204   yellow, elephant in hat, sweater
205   circle spinning wheel yellow, cyan
206   cyan, top hat
207   green                                             What a Drip
208   circle green, yellow, dk.yellow
209   cyan, down bannister
210   yellow, cook pot                                  What's Cooking
211   circle cyan 5 point, yellow
212   yellow, big mouth pointy hair
213   green, bird on shoulder                           For the Birds
214   cyan, walking boy
215   cyan, hanging from broom
216   yellow, constable with sign                       Stop!
217   cyan, whale
218   yellow, swami crystal ball
219   circle green 8 point, yellow 6 point
220   green, wolfman glasses tongue
221   yellow, skull and crossbones                      You Are a Mental Case
222   cyan, hand V sign
223   green, movie star
224   cyan, clown with ruff
225   yellow, cleaver                                   Chop Chop
226   circle yellow ferris wheel
227   circle blue, cyan, blue, yellow
228   green, man at mic                                 Loud Mouth
229   cyan, flexing muscle
230   yellow, dropped groceries                         Holding the Bag
231   yellow, propeller mustache
232   cyan, boy two balloons
233   circle blue, cyan 5 points, gray
234   green, lifting barbell                            G-Man
235   yellow, yo-yoing
236   cyan, squatting cat
237   green, telephone                                  Don't Call Me I'll Call You
238   circle yellow, brown, brown hatchet
239   circle yellow, cyan
240   cyan, face with glasses

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