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Malcolm X [Focus Cards]
Unbeatables Inc. - 1992

Notes:  Images and text were coordinated with Focus magazine. Text was penned 
by W. Braxter Wiggins.

    No.    Title

 1 of 16   The FOCUS Series of Malcolm X cards was writte
 2 of 16   The fiery orator.
 3 of 16   The outspoken activist.
 4 of 16   Attacks government policy.
 5 of 16   Presidential criticism.
 6 of 16   Dynamic speaker.
 7 of 16   World traveler.
 8 of 16   Malcolm X in London.
 9 of 16   Head of new Muslim Mosque.
10 of 16   Strength in unity.
11 of 16   Takes more moderate position.
12 of 16   The power of the ballot.
13 of 16   Close call.
14 of 16   Betty X at Ferncliff Cemetery.
15 of 16   Controversial crusader.
16 of 16   His Life. His Death. His Legacy.

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