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Mandy Sketch Card Series
   5FINITY Productions - 2009

Notes: This premium sketch-card series was limited to 1000 packs worldwide, 
based on Dean Yeagle's comic and pinup character. Most packs hold one sketch 
but special packs are seeded at 1:7. The sketch card count includes artist returns, 
dealer incentives, and hot pack cards. 5Finity occasionally buys back cards and 
randomly places them in other products.

Artists who drew 8 or fewer cards or less were designated "Rare" artists; these 
cards may include Hot Pack, Artist Exclusive, and/or Dealer Exclusive cards. 
Further information and scans are posted at the 5FINITY website.

   Artist                      Count

Rare Artists (1:20 packs; stamped with heart symbol)

   Bob Adauto                    8
   Irma Ahmed                    8
   Chris Allan                   8
   Laurie B!                     3
   Justin Chung                  8
   Chad Cicconi                  8
   Danny Devine                  8
   Keith Dotson                  5
   Michael Duron                 8
   Ben Glendenning               5
   Leeahd Goldberg               3
   Ben Hansen                    2
   Don King                      3
   Troy Parke                    8 [all DE; see below]
   Lance Sawyer                  8
   Hugh Vogt                     7
   Frankie B. Washington         1
   Jason Worthington             8
   Scott Zirkel                  8

Less Rare Artists

   Kristin Allen                54
   Michael Axebone              56
   Howard Bender                56
   Andy Black                   18
   William Bronson              18
   Daniel Campos                56
   Pat Carlucci                 20
   Michael Dooney                9
   Kelly Everaert               51
   Patrick Finch                25
   Jay Fosgitt                  25
   Nicole Goff                  20
   Kevin Graham                 27
   Jessica Hickman              61 [includes prismatics; see below]
   John Joseco                  23
   Randy Kintz                  28
   Sherry Leak                  56
   Dominic Marco                 9
   Bill Maus                    56
   Arie Monroe                  56
   David Namisato               25
   Justin Ridge                 56
   CK Russell                   56
   Dan Schoening                13
   Evan Shaner                  15
   Amber Stone                  56
   Jeremy Treece                56
   John Watkins-Chow            56
   Dean Yeagle                  10

Autographed Cards (1:20 packs)

   Dean Yeagle [silver ink]     10
   Dean Yeagle [purple ink]     40

Hot Packs (1:25 packs; extra cards stamped "HP")

   (2-3 sketch cards per pack)  40

Gold Foil Prismatic Sketch Cards (1:200 packs)

   Jessica Hickman               5

Personalized Sketch Cards (by redemption; 1:100 packs)

   Dean Yeagle                  10
   (redemption card)            10

Artist Exclusive Cards (kept by artists; may be available in aftermarket; stamped "AE")

   (various artists)

Dealer Incentive Cards (40 made; for purchase of 25 packs; stamped "DE")

   Michael Dooney
   Patric Finch
   Troy Parke                    8
   Dan Schoening
   Amber Stone
   Jason Worthington

Holiday Mandy (eBay Exclusive Cards)

   Amber Stone                  25

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