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The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
   Scanlens - 1966
   Allens & Regina - 1966

Notes: The cards include 16 stand-ups, made by folding the tops of the cards 
along pre-scored lines. Otherwise, the cards are patterned on cards from the 
Topps issue. Many thanks to Ian Craddy for the list!

No.   Title

  1   Illia Kuryakin UNCLE agent
  2   (no title) Solo handcuffed
  3   Napoleon Solo UNCLE Agent
  4   (no title) Solo with 2 girls
  5   UNCLE Agents are trained to fight anywhere
  6   (no title) Illia  (Signature Red)
  7   He's a tough feller, Napoleon
  8   Caught in a deadly experiment
  9   Bullet proof glass saves Solo
 10   More trouble for an UNCLE Agent
 11   (no title) Napoleon and two Girls
 12   (no title) Napoleon in fight
 13   (no title) Napoleon with hatch
 14   There's a THRUSH Agent up there
 15   (no title) Napoleon fencing
 16   (no title) Napoleon with gun
 17   Illia and the Great Dane
 18   Solo ready for Night Operations
 19   Illia applies an Arm lock
 20   (no title) Napoleon with casualties
 21   Illia with the chief of UNCLE
 22   Solo must keep them informed where he is
 23   Napoleon Solo No.1 UNCLE Agent
 24   (no title) Napoleon with Globe
 25   (no title) Napoleon with Gun
 26   (no title) Napoleon in front of Firing Squad
 27   (no title) Napoleon on ladder
 28   Illia Calls the Tune
 29   The Deadly Test Starts
 30   At Bay in the Giant Telescope
 31   (no title) Illia with Ashtray (Popup) (Signature Red)
 32   (no title) Napoleon with two girls (popup) (Signature Red)
 33   Illia Kuryakin trapped in the Laboratory
 34   Get up Illia and get him
 35   UNCLE Agents chained to the pipe
 36   Illia in real trouble
 37   (no title) Napoleon (popup) (Signature Red)
 38   (no title) Illia (popup) (Signature Red)
 39   Better move fast, Napoleon
 40   They must get those UNCLE Agents
 41   Hang on to that wrist, Solo
 42   Shots in the dark
 43   (no title) Illia (popup) (Signature Red)
 44   (no title) Napoleon (popup) (Signature Red)
 45   Where did that shot come from?
 46   Watch out for THRUSH Agents
 47   Solo fires his Super Spy Gun
 48   Take it carefully, Napoleon
 49   (no title) Napoleon (popup) (Signature Red)
 50   (no title) Illia (popup) (Signature Red)
 51   THRUSH Agents plan the next threat
 52   Trapped by two Enemy Baldies
 53   And he thought he'd finished Illia!
 54   Illia and Napoleon
 55   (no title) Napoleon (popup) (Signature Red)
 56   (no title) Illia (popup) (Signature Red)
 57   Illia in a mess!
 58   Steady there, Illia
 59   3 to 1 No trouble for UNCLE Agent
 60   Make just the slightest noise, Solo, and you've had it!
 61   (no title) Napoleon (popup) (Signature Red)
 62   (no title) Girl (popup)
 63   Illia and Napoleon UNCLE Top Agents
 64   Napoleon in a tight spot!
 65   How to deal with a gunman
 66   Get the silencer on that gun!
 67   (no title) THRUSH Agent (popup)
 68   (no title) Mr Waverley (popup) (Signature Red)
 69   (no title) Napoleon & Illia with other Agents
 70   (no title) Napoleon & Agent in cave
 71   Stand still! He is not kidding
 72   UNCLE Agents caught

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