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The Man Who Fell To Earth
   Unstoppable Cards - 2015

Notes: This series features the 1976 film starring David Bowie. Card fronts show 
color snapshots; backs show black-and-white photos. A preview set was released 
in 2013. Thanks to David Rosciszewski for updates! Further information and scans 
are posted at the Unstoppable website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards, 12 boxes/case.
Common sets: approx. 2.07 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.   Title

    1   Official Trading Cards Set
    2   Observer
    3   Strange Place
    4   Picked Up
    5   Waiting
    6   Shopkeeper
    7   Passport
    8   Supplies
    9   Thomas Jerome Newton
   10   Oliver Fanrsworth
   11   Elaine
   12   Nathan and Elaine
   13   Research
   14   Coppers
   15   Collapsed
   16   What's Wrong?
   17   Mary-Lou
   18   Recovered
   19   Talking
   20   Watching
   21   Daydreaming
   22   Home
   23   Church
   24   Family
   25   Telescope
   26   Face to Face
   27   Technology
   28   Thinking
   29   Nathan Visits
   30   Questions
   31   Peters & Farnsworth
   32   Alien Home
   33   Reveal
   34   True Face
   35   Alien
   36   Pre-Flight
   37   Defenestrate
   38   Poolside
   39   Gunplay
   40   Investigate
   41   Memories
   42   Recluse
   43   Nathan & Mary-Lou
   44   Listening
   45   The Visitor
   46   Behind the Scenes           (clapper)
   47   Behind the Scenes           (living room)
   48   Behind the Scenes           (papers and bag)
   49   Behind the Scenes           (tape decks)
   50   Behind the Scenes           (libation and lollypop)
   51   Behind the Scenes           (table tennis rest)
   52   Behind the Scenes           (helicopter)
   53   Checklist [1-30]
   54   Checklist [31-54 + Chase]


Gold Foil Cards (1:6.7 packs)

   F1   (puzzle top right)
   F2   (puzzle top middle)
   F3   (puzzle top left)
   F4   (puzzle center right)
   F5   (puzzle center middle)
   F6   (puzzle center left)
   F7   (puzzle bottom right)
   F8   (puzzle bottom middle)
   F9   (puzzle bottom left)

Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)

 A1     David Bowie - Thomas Jerome Newton (no hat; # to 50)
 B1     David Bowie - Thomas Jerome Newton (with hat; # to 50; 1:case)
MWFRT   Rip Torn - Nathan Bryce
MWFBC   Bernie Casey - Peters
MWFCC   Candy Clark - Mary-Lou

Film Cel Cards (1:72 packs)

 FC1    Congratulations

Printing Plate Cards

  --    (base, foil, autographs, promos)

     Autographed Printing Plates

  --    Rip Torn
  --    Bernie Casey

Artist Sketch Cards (1:36 packs)

     SK1: Blue border bottom. SK2: White banner bottom.

 SK2    Adam Cleveland
 SK1    Andy Fry
 SK1    Ashleigh Popplewell
 SK1    Bruce Gerlach
 SK2    Carolyn Edwards
 SK1    Charles Hall
 SK2    Chuck Zsolnai
 SK1    Clinton Yeager
 SK1    Danielle Ellison
 SK1    David Day
 SK2    Don Pedicini Jr.
 SK2    Francois Chartier
 SK1    j(ay)
 SK1    Jason Westlake
 SK1    Jay Pangan III
 SK1    Jerry Fleming
 SK2    Joe Miller
 SK2    Jonty "JPG" Gates
 SK2    Kevin Meinert
 SK1    Lee Lightfoot
 SK2    Louise Draper
 SK1    Marcia Dye
 SK1    Matthew Parmenter
 SK1    Nick "NIK" Neocleous
 SK2    Patrick Hamill
 SK1    Paul Cowan
 SK1    Rich Molinelli
 SK1    Robert Aragon
 SK1    Sol Mohammed
 SK2    Ted Dastick, Jr.
 SK2    Ted Woods
 SK2    Tom Savage
 1,2    Westley Smith
 SK1    Rupam Gupta
 SK1    Wu Wei

     Autographed Sketch Cards

 SK2    Candy Clark / Andy Fry

Card Album (sold separately; 199 made)

  --    (binder)


PR1     (mountains artwork; Strictly Ink promo for suspended series)
PR1     (right profile)
PR2     Coming Soon (mountains artwork)
NSP1    Coming Soon (signal pole; Non Sport Trading Cards; # to 100)
RC-P1   Dealer Promo (signal pole; Rydeclive Cards
RTP1    Coming Soon (face; Radickal Trading Cards; # to 100)
MP1     Dealer Promo (outdoors; mitchy9210; limited to 100)
TC-P1	  Dealer Promo (hoodie; Topcards; # to 200)
TC-P2	  Dealer Promo (face; Topcards; # to 200)
TC-P3	  Dealer Promo (clear hood; Topcards; # to 200)


MWFBC   Best + Hope!
MWFBC   Best + Love!
MWFBC   Best Hope!
MWFBC   Best!
MWFBC   Good Hope!
MWFBC   Good Luck!
MWFBC   Goodness + Grace!
MWFBC   Goodness + Hope!
MWFBC   Happiness!
MWFBC   Happy + Hope!
MWFBC   Help + Hope!
MWFBC   Hope!
MWFBC   Hope + Care!
MWFBC   Hope + Dreams!
MWFBC   Hope + Faith
MWFBC   Hope + Help!
MWFBC   Hope + Love -
MWFBC   Kindness!
MWFBC   Love + Grace!
MWFBC   My Best!
MWFBC   Peace!
MWFBC   Peazce + Love!
MWFBC   Smiles + Hope!
MWFBC   Wonder + Hope!


No.   Description

P1    (Thomas Newton awakes in glasses)
P2    (Mary-Lou and kids)
P3    (arms crossed)
P4    (wind-blown in collar)
P5    (fedora)
P6    (in bed with tumbler)

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