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"Marilyn At Bat"
Movistar Card Co. - 19??
(Val Gum - 1960)

Note:  This set features black-and-white publicity stills for a variety of movie
stars, marked as follows: "1960 - Dutch Val Gum - Limited Edition Reprint Card
Set." Sold as a factory set, individually numbered to 5000. Thanks much to Judy 
Hall for the extra descriptions!

No.   Title

  1   Marilyn Monroe (with baseball bat) - "Marilyn at Bat"
  2   Marilyn Monroe (in low-cut evening gown)
  3   Marilyn Monroe (in different low-cut gown)
  4   Elvis Presley
  5   Little Richard
  6   Louis Armstrong
  7   James Dean
  8   Brigitte Bardot (head shot)
  9   Brigitte Bardot (head to hips)
 10   Brigitte Bardot (another head shot)
 11   Brigitte Bardot (yet another head shot)
 12   Brigitte Bardot (low cut gown)
 13   Brigitte Bardot (yet another head shot)
 14   Jane Mansfield
 15   Harry Belafonte (check shirt)
 16   Harry Belafonte (plain shirt)
 17   Sophia Loren (head & chest shot)
 18   Sophia Loren (head shot)
 19   Gina Lollabrigida
 20   Gina Lollobrigida
 21   Rock Hudson (sport coat)
 22   Rock Hudson (open necked shirt)
 23   Horst Buchholz
 24   Romy Schneider
 25   Romy Schneider
 26   Tony Curtis
 27   Tony Curtis
 28   Tony Curtis
 29   Tony Curtis
 30   Tony Curtis
 31   Audrey Hepburn
 32   Audrey Hepburn
 33   Audrey Hepburn
 34   Tommy Steele
 35   Tommy Steele
 36   Tommy Steele
 37   Anita Eckberg
 38   Martine Carol

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