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Mardi Gras Collector Cards
J. Clark Promotions - 2000

Notes:  There undoubtedly were other cards that were unnumbered and tossed from
the floats, but this is the largest "sponsored" set that features the main krewes. Thanks
much to Genny Carr for the basic list, to Todd Jordan for associating the numbers
and krewes for the others, and to Ray Grier, Wayne Sot, and John Oder for updates! 
Any help in identifying more float themes would be appreciated!

 No.   Krewe                              Theme

9001   Krewe of Zeus                      Zeus Summons the Gods of Olympus
9002   Order of Inca                      Kiddie Klassics
9003   Iris                               Echoes of the 20th Century
9004   Mystic Stripers
9005   Pete Fountain
9006   Elks Gretna                        Gambling on the River
9007   Aladdin                            Aladdin Travels the World
9008   Gemini
9009   Neptune's Daughters                Neptune's Daughters
9010   Bowlegs
9011   Order of LaSHE's                   Carnival
9012   Perseus
9013   Aphrodite
9014   Dixie Dazzlers
9015   Westbank Social                    Stepping into the Millenium
9016   Mystics of Time
9017   Centaur
9018   Krewe of Hermes                    (no theme listed)
9019   Mercury                            15th Anniversary
9020   Rhea                               Blast from the Past
9021   Centurions
9022   Krewe of Thoth                     The Peasants Are Revolting
9023   Krewe of Little Rascals            One Moment in Time
9024   Krewe of Aquila                    From Aquila with Love
9025   Krewe of Aquarius                  Reflections of the 20th Century

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©2003, 2005, 2007 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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