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Mardi Gras: The Krewe of Elvis
Krewe of Elvis - 2003

Notes: This is the former name of KOE, which is retained for historic purposes 
because older cards bear that name. KOE hosts a website with lots of neat 
information and links.

Thanks much to Dead Elvis himself (Chip Curley) for the cards
("You name it, we throw it"), and the ability to offer this checklist in
commemoration! See the Mardi Gras links that Dead E maintains here.

  --   Mardi Gras (Krewe on the march, with flying Elvis cutout)
  --   (Jerry Bolvard / Elvis in blue-suede lapels)
  --   Jester (Elvis in flower lei)
  --   Bubba (Elvis with blue bead necklace)
  --   Krewe of Elvis (Elvira with reflected marching scenes)
  --   (Stars and stripes Krewe members)
  --   (White-suited Elvis dudes)

  --   Mardi Gras Facts (Elvira & Dead Elvis)
  --   Get Out of Jail Free Card

©2002 Chip Curley, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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