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Mardi Gras Collector Cards
J. Clark Promotions - 1992

Notes:  There undoubtedly were other cards that were unnumbered and tossed from
the floats, but for some years the Mardi Gras organizers tried their best to collect
"sets" from all of the krewes.  The first 27 "numbers" were reserved for the Bacchus
set, which had 25 numbered cards plus #8A and #18A. Thanks much to Genny Carr
for the original list, and to Ray Grier and Wayne Sot for updates!

 No.   Krewe                                   Theme

1028   Krewe of Caesar                         Just for Kids
1029   Krewe of Choctaw                        Choctaw History and Highlights
1030   Krewe of Cleopatra                      Cleopatra's Precious Moments
1031   Krewe of Crescent City                  1992 U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials
1032   Krewe of Elks Gretna                    West Bank Seafood Industry
1033   Elks, Krewe of Jeffersonians /          (No theme listed)
          Krewe of Orleanians
1034   Krewe of Freret                         Throw Me Something Mister
1035   Krewe of Freret                         Freret's Fabulous Fortieth
1036   Krewe of Iris                           Iris Celebrates 75 years of Memories, 1917-1992
1037   Krewe of Isis                           20th Anniversary
1038   Krewe of Jefferson                      20th Anniversary
1039   Krewe of Marc Antony                    (No theme listed)
1040   Krewe of Mercury                        (No theme listed)
1041   Krewe of Mid City                       Mighty Mite Menu
1042   Krewe of Minerva                        Let's Celebrate 15th Anniversary
1043   Krewe of Nefertari                      (No theme listed)
1044   Krewe of Pegasus                        (No theme listed)
1045   Krewe of Poseidon                       (No theme listed)
1046   Krewe of Rhea                           (No theme listed)
1047   Knights of Silenus                      (No theme listed)
1048   Krewe of Sparta                         Celebration of Exploration
1049   Krewe of Thor                           (No theme listed)
1050   Krewe of Thoth                          Backwater Buccaneers (Pictured: Thoth)
1051   Krewe of Thoth                          Backwater Buccaneers (Pictured: gang of pirates)
1052   Krewe of Venus                          (No theme listed)
1053   Krewe of Venus - Mystic Carnival Club   (No theme listed)
1054   Knights of Ecor Rouge                   (No theme listed)
1055   Chinchuba Institute                     (No theme listed)

Unissued Cards

 --    Krewe of Bacchus #1                     Richard Dreyfuss XXIV

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