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Bacchus Mardi Gras Collector Cards
J. Clark Promotions - 1992

Notes:  This particular set of Krewe Cards was packaged for sale through the
Bacchus organization and at shops along the parade route, but there were some
variations among the packages. Thanks much to Genny Carr for the original
list and to Ray Grier for the rest of the float names!

1992 Theme: "What a way to go!"

No.   Float / Theme

  1   Richard Dreyfuss, Bacchus XXIV  [card was not issued]
  2   Officer's float
  3   Title float
  4   Sailing ships
  5   Covered wagon
  6   Streetcars & trolleys
  7   Sleighing
  8   Rickshaw
  8A  Bacchu-whoppa
  9   Skiing
 10   Pumpkin coach
 11   Spaceships
 12   Ballooning
 13   Bacchusaurus
 14   Baby Kong
 15   Royal barges on Nile
 16   Gondolas in Venice
 17   Flying carpet
 18   Chariots
 18A  Bacchagator
 19   Trains
 20   Airplanes
 21   Canoeing
 22   Submarines
 23   Jalopies
 24   Riding elephants and camels
 25   Steamboats

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