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Mardi Gras Collector Cards
J. Clark Promotions - 1993

Notes:  There undoubtedly were other cards that were unnumbered and tossed
from the floats, but for some years the Mardi Gras organizers tried their best
to collect "sets" from all of the krewes.  Thanks much to Genny Carr for the
original basic list, and to Ray Grier for a whole lot of updates!

 No.   Krewe                                       Theme

2001   Krewe of Little Rascals                     A Dream Come True
2002   Krewe of Marc Antony                        Krewe History
2003   Krewe of Cleopatra                          A World of Fashion
2004   Krewe of Atlas                              Atlas on the Move
2005   Krewe of Pandora & Epimetheus               Krewe History
2006   Krewe of Choctaw                            Chotaw Sings a Melody
2007   Krewe of Caesar                             Caesar's Library
2008   Krewe of Shangri-La                         The Way We Were
2009   Krewe of Shangri-La                         Crest
2010   Knights of Sparta                           Echoes From the Golden Comedy Stage
2011   Knights of Sparta                           Krewe History
2012   Krewe of Carrollton                         Famous Fairy Tales
2013   Krewe of Alla                               Krewe History
2014   Krewe of Rhea                               Rhea Loves
2015   Krewe of Freret                             A World of Love
2016   Krewe of Thor                               Thor's Music of the Movies
2017   Krewe of Pegasus                            Krewe History
2018   Krewe of Mardi Gras                         And the Melody Lingers on
2019   Krewe of Aquila                             Krewe History
2020   Krewe of Diana                              Silver Anniversary
2021   Krewe of Nefertari                          Monopoly Mania
2022   Krewe of NOMTOC                             Krewe History
2023   Krewe of Iris                               Fine Tuned For Fun
2024   Krewe of Isis                               Hallelujah Hollywood
2025   Krewe of Thoth                              Thoth Tells Tales
2026   Krewe of Thoth                              Thoth Tells Tales
2027   Krewe of Poseidon                           35th Anniversary
2028   Krewe of Mid City                           Thanks Betty Rae Kern
2029   Krewe of Mercury                            Broadway
2030   Corps De Napoleon                           Krewe History
2031   Krewe of Bacchus                            Silver Jubilee
2032   Krewe of Zeus                               Love Stories
2033   Rex                                         (none listed)
2034   Elks Krewe of Jeffersonians / Orleanians    Bird Sanctuary / Riverboat & Casino Gambling
2035   Krewe of Crescent City                      New Orleans, Jazz, and Mardi Gras
2036   Elks Krewe of Gretna                        10th Anniversary
2037   Krewe of Jefferson                          A Tribute to Mel Parnell
2038   Krewe of Dionysus                           Legends and Lovers
2039   Krewe of Flora                              List of past kings and queens
2040   Krewe of Hercules                           Great Mysteries of the World
2041   Krewe of Aphrodite                          10th Anniversary
2042   Krewe of Aphrodite                          Romance and Music
2043   Krewe of Terreanians                        Krewe History
2044   Krewe of Houmas                             Golden Books
2045   Krewe of Cleophas                           Cleophas Enters the World
2046   Bayou Boulette                              Krewe History
2047   Krewe of Centaur                            Dreams Do Come True
2048   Crescent City Doubloons Traders             Doubloon Traders info
2049   Conde Cavaliers                             The Good and the Bad
2050   Mystic Stripers                             Krewe History
2051   Mystics of Time                             45th Anniversary
2052   Order of Athena                             Songs of the South
2053   Knights of Ecor Rouge                       I'm Dreaming of...
2054   Maids of Jubilee                            Great Balls of Fire
2055   Krewe of Venus                              Venus Southern Style
2056   Dixie Dazzlers                              Krewe History
2057   Krewe of Neptune                            Celebrations of the South
2058   Krewe of Who
 --    The Italian American Marching Club

©2001, 2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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