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Mardi Gras Collector Cards
Various - 1995

Notes:  In many years, Mardi Gras saw the distribution and "throw" of smaller
sets of cards that featured a single krewe, several related krewes, or a theme. There
may have been other sets, but it's sometimes tough to find out about all of them.
Thanks much to Genny Carr, Todd Jordan, Ray Grier, and Wayne Sot for lists 
and updates!

 No.   Title

Albert Series

      Jefferson City Buzzards
      Jefferson Captain
      North Bay Area
      Pete Fountain Theme		
      Pete Fountain Chief
      Traditions of Mardi Gras Doubloons
      Traditions of Mardi Gras Throw

Cowbellions (R.C.D.R.S.) Mobile

  1   Michael Krafft, ESQ.
  2   R.C.D.R.S. Emblem
  3   Gathering of the Herd
  4   The Seven at Krafft's Grave
  5   Holy Cow
  6   Udder of Mystics
  7   Udder Divine
  8   Slacabamorinicow

Doubloons Unlimited Collector Kards (D.U.C.K.)

  1   Doubloons                                       Traditions of Mardi Gras
  4   North Bay Area Mardi Gras Association
  5   Jefferson City Buzzards
  6   Pete Fountain's Half Fast Walking Club          Voo-Doo
  8   Krewe of Jefferson                              Captain of Host

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