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Mardi Gras Collector Cards
J. Clark Promotions - 1996

Notes:  There undoubtedly were other cards that were unnumbered and tossed
from the floats, but this is the largest "sponsored" set that features the main
krewes.  Thanks much to Genny Carr for the original list and updates, to Todd
Jordan for matching the numbers to some of the krewes, and to Ray Grier for
a huge batch of updates!

 No.   Krewe                             Theme

5001   Inca                              The Fury of Fire
5002   Krewe of Aphrodite                Tours the World
5003   Attakapas                         (no theme listed)
5004   Mystics of Time                   48th Anniversary
5005   Centurions                        Centurions Remember Words of Wisdom
5006   Aquarius                          Bed Time Stories
5007   Order of Mystic Magnolias         There's No Place Like Home
5008   Dixie Dazzlers                    (no theme listed)
5009   Krewe of Cleophas                 Cleophas Celebrates 40 years
5010   Pete Fountain                     (no theme listed)
5011   Crescent City Doubloon Traders    Euterpe Muse of Music
5012   Krewe of Iris                     For the Young at Heart
5013   Little Rascals                    Fiends in Uniform
5014   LaSHE's (small letters)           Dreams of Enchantment
5014   LaSHE's (large letters)           Dreams of Enchantment
5015   Pegasus                           (no theme listed)
5016   Athena                            For the Love of a Child
5017   Zeus                              Fairy Tales and Fantasies
5018   Krewe of Hercules                 Famous Characters
5019   Neptune Biloxi                    Neptune Presents Elegance
5020   Hermes                            (no theme listed)
5021   Mystic Stripers Society           Sunday Funnies
5022   La Luna Servante                  Color My World
5023   Polka Dots                        Viva Las Vegas
5024   Krewe of Ambrosia                 Through the Eyes of a Child
5025   Choctaw                           (no theme listed)
5026   Krewe of Caesar                   TV Focus
5027   Ecor Rouge                        Baldwin County - Home Sweet Home
5028   Perseus                           (no theme listed)
5029   Conde Cavaliers                   If I Had a Million Dollars
5030   (MCCA) King X                     Comic Strip Classics
5031   Atlas                             Havin' a Party
5032   Venus                             20th Anniversary - Still Crazy After All These Years
5033   Rhea                              Through the Eyes of a Child
5034   Elks Jeffersonians / Orleanians   Don't Rain on Our Parade / 100 Years All That Jazz
5035   Deja Vu Du Monde                  Year VII - 7 Come 11
5036   Corps de Napoleon                 Theme Parks
5037   Thor                              If Ever I Cease to Love...
5038   Krewe of Marry Mates              In Search of Good Times
5039   Cleopatra                         A Few of My Favorite Things
5040   Carrollton                        Carrollton Salutes Famous Americans
5041   Pharaohs                          Going Mo-bile
5042   Krewe of Mid-City                 Kaleidoscope of Kings
5043   Mobile Mystics                    Hakuma Matata
5044   Neptune New Orleans               Inaugural Parade
5045   (Mecca) King XV                   Comic Strip Classics
5046   (Mecca) Theme                     Comic Strip Classics
5047   (J. Clark)
 --    (Caesar)
 --    (Napoleon)

©2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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