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Mardi Gras Collector Cards
Various - 1996

Notes:  In many years, Mardi Gras saw the distribution and "throw" of smaller
sets of cards that featured a single krewe, several related krewes, or a theme. There
may have been other sets, but it's sometimes tough to find out about all of them.
Thanks much to Genny Carr, Todd Jordan, and Wayne Sot for lists and updates!

 No.   Title

Albert Series

       Elks Gretna		
       Jefferson Captain
       Jefferson City Buzzards
       Traditions of Mardi Gras Mask
       Traditions of Merriment
       Traditions of Balcony
       Pete Fountain

1995-1996 Cowbellion Collector Cards

   9   History of the Moo-vies:  Metro Goldwun Moo-er / Ressurected Cowbellion de Rakin Society
  10   Double Features:  Excowlibur / Pocowontas
  11   Double Feature:  Mootal Combat / Mighty Moophin Bovine Rangers The Moovie
  12   Double Feature:  Udder Seige / Amoodeus
  13   Double Feature:  Ben Herd / Cowsablanca
  14   Double Feature:  Cowsper The Milky Ghost / Batmoo Lives!
  15   Double Feature:  Temoonator III / A Streetcow Names Desire
  16   Double Feature:  From Herd to Eternity / Rebel With Out a Cow

Frolic Series

      Crescent City Doubloon Traders
      Thoth Ball

Images of Mardi Gras
Distributed as a 6"-round card with seven 1-1/2" caps (perforated); art by Keith Eccles.

 --   Throw Me Somethin' Mister
 --   Hail to the King
 --   Oh It's Carnival Time
 --   Mardi Gras Mombo
 --   They All Ask For You
 --   Jackson Square & Bourbon St.
 --   Mardi Gras Masquerade

Doubloons Unlimited Collector Kards (D.U.C.K.)

  2   Krewe of Jefferson            Mickey Mantle
  3   Krewe of Jefferson            Krewe History

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