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Mardi Gras Collector Cards
J. Clark Promotions - 1998

Notes:  There undoubtedly were other cards that were unnumbered and tossed
from the floats, but this is the largest "sponsored" set that features the main
krewes. Thanks much to Genny Carr for the original list and updates, to Todd
Jordan for matching the missing numbers to krewes, and to Ray Grier and Wayne 
Sot for updates!

 No.   Krewe                             Theme

7001   Aphrodite Houma                   Cruisin' the USA
7002   La Luna Servante                  An All American City
7003   Mystic Stripers                   Hail to the Chiefs
7004   Neptune's Daughters               Dream of Jewels
7005   Polka Dots                        Dots and Spots
7006   Pete Fountains                    (no theme listed)
7007   Cleopatra New Orleans             Isn't It Romantic!
7008   Aquarius Houma                    Love Makes the World Go Round
7009   Krewe of Columbia                 Krewe History 1922-1998
7010   Hermes                            (no theme listed)
7011   Krewe of Iris                     Love Makes the World Go Round
7012   LaSHE's                           Circus On Parade
7013   Mystics of Time                   50th Anniversary
7014   Mystick Krewe of Perseus          It's About Time
7015   Selena MS                         (no theme listed)
7016   Conde Cavaliers                   Cavalier Attitude
7017   Marry Mates                       Kids at heart
7018   Venus                             Venus Rocks and Rolls
7019   Choctaw                           (no theme listed)
7020   Elks Jeffersonians 
         (large letters)                 Sportin' N'awlins/A Salute to Our Veterans
         (small letters)                 Sportin' N'awlins/A Salute to Our Veterans
7021   Corps de Napoleon                 Oriental Odyssey
7022   Pegasus                           Circus, Circus, Circus
7023   Carrollton                        Carrollton Shoots the Movies
7024   Little Rascals                    Pride in Our Past, Faith in Our Future
7025   Mobile Mystics                    Rock and Roll Valentine
7026   Grace O'Malley                    (no theme listed)
7027   Centurions                        Centurions Hear the Sound of Music
7028   Ecor Rouge                        Old Fashioned Love Songs
7029   Krewe of Caesar                   Let us Entertain You
7030   Zeus                              Celebrations Around the World
7031   Krewe of Atlas                    Freaky Friday
7032   Dixie Dazzlers                    
7033   Elks Gretna                       Gretna Green
Blacksmith shop pic, description on reverse
7034   West Bank Social                  Inaugural Year
7035   Krewe of Sinbad                   Search For The Sultan
7036   Rhea                              Broadway Ladies
7037   Pete Fountain (Prince)            Real Prince
7037   Pete Fountain (Frog)            Real Prince

Unnumbered Commercial Cards

 --    Manuel Ponce (Artist Print)
 --    King Cake (Swiss Confectionary)

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