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Marilyn Monroe I
Sports Time - 1993

Notes: Thanks much to Jason Fox and Ralph & Beth Anderson for updates! 
Quite a few items, including proof sheets and unique items out of the manufac-
turing process, have reached the aftermarket after Sports Time ceased operations. 
Some of these items are similar to other items that were made available to the 
"Sports Time Collectors Club" as mail-in offers. Items that seem to have been 
available only to Club members are grouped with Promo Items.

But Mary reports that there also are a considerable number of knock-off or 
unfinished uncut sheets circulating, potentially hurting the market for "genuine" 
sheets that were meant for distribution to the public. Most of these sheets lack 
the gold signature and are UV-coated on only one side. Thanks to Darrell Warner 
for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.49 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text                                      Type

  1   From the famous Bruno Bernard photo that eve
  2   A classic promotional shot from the on-locat
  3   Marilyn's career demanded frequent appearanc
  4   By any account, Marilyn's appearance at the
  5   "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." Marilyn
  6   "Marilyn Monroe" sprang from a meeting with    Marilyn Trivia
  7   Filming The Misfits would prove to be a phys
  8   Marilyn as she appeared in '53's Gentlemen P
  9   As she appeared in the 1949 Tobey Beach shoo
 10   A famous pose from a swimsuit session in the
 11   Marilyn on the beach in 1946. Soon she would
 12   In 1950's Right Cross, Marilyn played a mode
 13   A seldom-seen Marilyn film is 1950's Hometow
 14   Publicity pose from The Bus Stop. Marilyn's
 15   The famous wedding shot from 1946 which beca
 16   A Marilyn appearance in a low-cut red dress
 17   Marilyn as she appeared on the set of her fi
 18   A classic pose from a 1947 "Bernard of Holly
 19   Marilyn's most famous single scene, the skir
 20   The temptress. Even after her movie career p
 21   This card features a famous "Bernard of Holl
 22   Notice anything Tinker-Bellish about Marilyn
 23   Marilyn was "discovered" by Army photographe
 24   The bombshell. In 1955, a 52-foot-high figur
 25   A publicity shot from the set of There's No
 26   What was Marilyn's first starring dramatic r   Marilyn Trivia
 27   Marilyn's first modeling shots (by David Con
 28   A minor movie that helped Marilyn's career w   Marilyn Trivia
 29   A "typical" glamour pose of Marilyn from her
 30   Marilyn did radio drama only once. On August   Marilyn Trivia
 31   The gold lamé dress . Despite the fact that
 32   Though the young Marilyn was not an orphan,    Marilyn Trivia
 33   Wardrobe testing before production of Niagar
 34   Marilyn retained a fondness for animals and
 35   One of the most celebrated marriages ever wa   Marilyn Trivia
 36   A peek at Marilyn in the late-'40s at the ti
 37   Several lines from The Seven Year Itch are o
 38   Marilyn as she appeared in late 1950. About
 39   Contractual obligations forced Marilyn to ac
 40   Marilyn was "The Hourglass" and third-and-fi
 41   Marilyn reprised her "red dress" look from N
 42   After her first two studio contracts were no
 43   A modeling shot from around 1945. The young
 44   Anticipating claims to the contrary, Twentie   Marilyn Trivia
 45   One of the most famous modeling photos of Ma
 46   The last movie Marilyn completed, 1960's The   Marilyn Trivia
 47   From a George Barris photo session, about 19
 48   1953's hit movie How to Marry a Millionaire
 49   The Bus Stop days. Marilyn's greatest role m
 50   While honeymooning with Joe DiMaggio in Japa
 51   On the town, circa 1954. It was a big year f
 52   One of the most obscure film appearances by
 53   While filming The Prince and The Showgirl (f
 54   At a press conference during production of T   Marilyn Trivia
 55   A very early Marilyn photo, most likely the
 56   An exchange for the ages was Marilyn's conve
 57   After her great success of 1953, Marilyn's n   Marilyn Trivia
 58   You can actually date Marilyn by the color o
 59   Marilyn's first husband, Jim Daugherty, was    Marilyn Trivia
 60   This shot is from Marilyn's 1946 stint with
 61   On the town, 1955. Marilyn's high-profile ex
 62   A 1947 Bruno Bernard photo depicted Marilyn
 63   Although her later movie contracts specified   Marilyn Trivia
 64   A Modeling shot of the young Marilyn. Her se
 65   Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc. Tired of ba
 66   This shot of Marilyn was likely taken on pre
 67   This early Marilyn shot is a rarity! Though
 68   How many TV commercials did Marilyn Monroe m
 69   Another of the famous Tobey Beach poses. Mar
 70   Based on her song "Diamonds Are a Girl's Bes   Marilyn Trivia
 71   "Rat Pack" days. Marilyn's association with
 72   Early modeling days, circa '45. Marilyn's de
 73   In How to Marry a Millionaire, Marilyn's cha
 74   A glamour pose from the later stages of Mari
 75   This card shows an image from the famous Tob
 76   This early '50s glamour pose was one of the
 77   In The Seven Year Itch, The Girl (played by
 78   Marilyn at the debut of The Rose Tattoo. She
 79   The young Marilyn about the time of her firs
 80   Marilyn won thirty screen credits during her   Marilyn Trivia
 81   Marilyn from There's No Business Like Show B
 82   Quantity, not quality, defined Marilyn's car
 83   A major influence in Marilyn's career was Jo   Marilyn Trivia
 84   Marilyn's first personal acting coach was Na   Marilyn Trivia
 85   Marilyn made only one film while with Columb   Marilyn Trivia
 86   Marilyn as she appeared at a movie premier w
 87   In How to Marry a Millionaire, Marilyn co-st
 88   Though reportedly spotted as an extra in a h   Marilyn Trivia
 89   Late 'a50s reflections. Marilyn often sought
 90   Though Marilyn married playwright Arthur Mil
 91   A rare public appearance in June of 1957 fou
 92   1959's Some Like It Hot found Marilyn return
 93   From Bus Stop, 1956. Marilyn reworked the ro
 94   How To Marry a Millionaire, where this Maril
 95   Never forgotten. Marilyn's death at age 36 s
 96   Reflective times, circa 1956. The ongoing ba
 97   The cover girl, captured by the camera in '4
 98   Captured in a particularly bubbly shot later
 99   From the mid-'50s, this publicity shot effec
100   An interesting Marilyn credit is O. Henry's


Checklist Cards

1C    (thumbnails of  1-25)
2C    (thumbnails of 26-50)
3C    (thumbnails of 51-75)
4C    (thumbnails of 76-100)
5C    (thumbnails of chromium subset)

Cover Girl (Chromium) Cards

 1    Quick (Can You Live To Be 100?)
 2    Scene (I Was Pat Ward's Lover)
 3    Tempo (Can Marilyn Meet Her Competition?)
 4    Marilyn! (That Girl)
 5    Tab (I Paddled The Living Death)
 6    Eye (People with Pictures)
 7    People (World's Speediest Woman)
 8    Tempo (Greenwich Village After Dark)
 9    Tempo (1954's Football Champions)
10    Tempo (Beware of Danger July 4th)

Diamond Card

1-D   (Contains real diamond in necklace)
---   (Redemption card, 1:case)

Uncut Chromium Sheets (with gold signature and UV coating on both sides)

  Various uncut sheets are on the market, and some or all of them may be one-of-
  a-kind items that were not meant for distribution.  These include a 100-card
  sheet and a sheet of 38 promo cards.


 P    June 1, 1926 (Silver signature)
 P    June 1, 1926 (Gold signature)
---   (5"x7", West Coast National or 14th NSCC)
---   (Uncut sheet)

Collectors Club Gold-Signature Cover Girl Chromium Cards

 1    Quick (Can You Live To Be 100?)
 2    Scene (I Was Pat Ward's Lover)
 3    Tempo (Can Marilyn Meet Her Competition?)
 4    Marilyn! (That Girl)
 5    Tab (I Paddled The Living Death)
 6    Eye (People with Pictures)
 7    People (World's Speediest Woman)
 8    Tempo (Greenwich Village After Dark)
 9    Tempo (1954's Football Champions)
10    Tempo (Beware of Danger July 4th)

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