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Mario Kart Wii
Enterplay - 2009

Notes: This is a card adaptation of the popular "racing" video game. Boxes hold 24 "fun 
paks" of 8 items, including 6 cards from the numbered sequence 1-90; 1 "FunTat" tattoo; 
and 1 of either a foil card (2:3 packs) or a bubble sticker (1:3 packs). The foil cards are 
parallels of the Driver cards 1-24 and the stickers represent the characters for cards 1-12. 
(Stickers do not have card numbers or titles.) There are three wrapper styles, featuring 
Mario; Luigi & Mario; and Peach. The manufacturing intent was to provide one complete 
set of 1-90, though the cards are of different scarcities, as shown below.

Box: 24 packs of 8 items.
Common sets (90): approx. 1.0 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title                        Subset / Rank

    Drivers (1:pack, 1.00 sets per box)

   1    Baby Mario                   Lightweight
   2    Koopa Troopa                 Lightweight
   3    Baby Peach                   Lightweight
   4    Toad                         Lightweight
   5    Mario                        Middleweight
   6    Luigi                        Middleweight
   7    Peach                        Middleweight
   8    Yoshi                        Middleweight
   9    Wario                        Heavyweight
  10    Waluigi                      Heavyweight
  11    Donkey Kong                  Heavyweight
  12    Bowser                       Heavyweight
  13    Dry Bones                    Lightweight
  14    Baby Daisy                   Lightweight
  15    Toadette                     Lightweight
  16    Baby Luigi                   Lightweight
  17    Diddy-Kong                   Middleweight
  18    Daisy                        Middleweight
  19    Bowser Jr.                   Middleweight
  20    Birdo                        Middleweight
  21    Rosalina                     Heavyweight
  22    King Boo                     Heavyweight
  23    Dry Bowser                   Heavyweight
  24    Funky Kong                   Heavyweight

    Items & Game Tips (0.79:pack, 1.00 sets per box)

  25    Banana
  26    POW Block
  27    Item Box
  28    Fake Item Box
  29    Triple Green Shells
  30    Bullet Bill
  31    Triple Red Shells
  32    Spiny Shell
  33    Bob-omb
  34    Blooper
  35    Lightning
  36    Lightning Cloud
  37    Star
  38    Mega Mushroom
  39    Triple Mushrooms
  40    Golden Mushroom

    Karts (Tips from Pit Row), Tracks, and Cups  (3.21:pack, 2.41 sets per box)

  41    The Tiny Titan               Lightweight
  42    The Booster Seat             Lightweight
  43    The Sprinter                 Middleweight
  44    The Daytripper               Middleweight
  45    The Pranha Prowler           Heavyweight
  46    The Flame Flyer              Heavyweight
  47    The Magikruiser              Lightweight
  48    The Jet Bubble               Lightweight
  49    The Sneakster                Middleweight
  50    The Dolphin Dasher           Middleweight
  51    The Shooting Star            Heavyweight
  52    The Phantom                  Heavyweight
  53    Mushroom Cup                 Wii Tracks
  54    Flower Cup                   Wii Tracks
  55    Star Cup                     Wii Tracks
  56    Special Cup                  Wii Tracks
  57    Shell Cup                    Retro Tracks
  58    Banana Cup                   Retro Tracks
  59    Leaf Cup                     Retro Tracks
  60    Lightning Cup                Retro Tracks
  61    Moo Moo Meadows              Mushroom Cup
  62    Mushroom Gorge               Mushroom Cup
  63    Mario Circuit                Flower Cup
  64    Wario's Gold Mine            Flower Cup
  65    Maple Treeway                Star Cup
  66    Grumble Volcano              Star Cup
  67    Moonview Highway             Special Cup
  68    Rainbow Road                 Special Cup
  69    N64 Mario Raceway            Shell Cup
  70    GBA Shy Guy Beach            Banana Cup
  71    DS Desert Hills              Leaf Cup
  72    N64 Bowser's Castle          Lightning Cup

    Tips & Trivia (1:pack, 1.33 sets per box)

  73    Start Your Engines!
  74    Carve That Corner!
  75    Double Up!
  76    A Fall Behind Strategy
  77    So Many Strategic Decisions!
  78    Avoid the Dreaded Spiny Shell!
  79    Shortcut Show-off!
  80    Time Trial Tactics
  81    Wheelie Power!
  82    Look Out Behind You!
  83    It's Drafty In Here!
  84    Shell Avoidance
  85    Speed Combos!
  86    Tricks For Treats!
  87    Recovery Boost!
  88    Time for Shortcuts!
  89    Become a Drift King!
  90    Lakitu: The Unsung Hero


FunTats (1:pack)

 T1     Mario & Bob-omb
 T2     Mario in Standard Kart M
 T3     Lightning Cloud
 T4     Mega Mushroom
 T5     Bob-omb
 T6     Bullet Bill
 T7     POW Block
 T8     Bowser
 T9     Mario & Luigi
 T10    Donkey Kong
 T11    Toad
 T12    Yoshi

Foil Cards (2:3 packs)

 F1     Baby Mario                   Lightweight
 F2     Koopa Troopa                 Lightweight
 F3     Baby Peach                   Lightweight
 F4     Toad                         Lightweight
 F5     Mario                        Middleweight
 F6     Luigi                        Middleweight
 F7     Peach                        Middleweight
 F8     Yoshi                        Middleweight
 F9     Wario                        Heavyweight
 F10    Waluigi                      Heavyweight
 F11    Donkey Kong                  Heavyweight
 F12    Bowser                       Heavyweight
 F13    Dry Bones                    Lightweight
 F14    Baby Daisy                   Lightweight
 F15    Toadette                     Lightweight
 F16    Baby Luigi                   Lightweight
 F17    Diddy-Kong                   Middleweight
 F18    Daisy                        Middleweight
 F19    Bowser Jr.                   Middleweight
 F20    Birdo                        Middleweight
 F21    Rosalina                     Heavyweight
 F22    King Boo                     Heavyweight
 F23    Dry Bowser                   Heavyweight
 F24    Funky Kong                   Heavyweight

Deluxe Stickers (1:3 packs)

(S1)    (Mario)
(S2)    (Luigi)
(S3)    (Baby Mario)
(S4)    (Baby Peach)
(S5)    (Bowser)
(S6)    (Donkey Kong)
(S7)    (Koopa Troopa)
(S8)    (Peach)
(S9)    (Waluigi)
(S10)   (Wario)
(S11)   (Yoshi)
(S12)   (Toad)

Retail Collector's Box

 --     (display box)
 --     (9 base cards)
 --     (1 foil card)
 --     (mini-poster/collector's list; 1 per box)
        -- Mini-Poster #1
        -- Mini-Poster #2

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©2010 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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