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Marilyn Monroe: Shaw Family Archives Update Set
   Breygent Marketing - 2008

Notes:  This update series was limited to 900 boxed sets, with boxes containing 
a 33-card holofoil Glamour set; 6 of 32 Classic Chase cards; an order slip for 
oversized Memorabilia cards; and 1 Rare Chase Card. Thanks much to Mike 
Tilford for the update! Further information and scans are pending at the 
Breygent website.

 No.    Card Text / Image

Glamour Cards (1 set per box; holofoil)

   1    Marilyn Monroe always had a captivating sexy s
   2    Marilyn, seen here in the famous subway-grate
   3    Marilyn's mother Gladys sensed Gifford might l
   4    Marilyn's fondness for music blossomed with ad
   5    Marilyn's sexy baseball pose in 1951 caught th
   6    Marilyn Monroe's gamour had its roots in the m
   7    Marilyn undoubtedly recalled the Harvey Giffen
   8    Marilyn recalled the days she was in the Orpha
   9    The new Goddard household in West Van Nuys, Ca
  10    Young Norma Jeane was making heads turn at hig
  11    Marriage for Marilyn was always a learning pro
  12    Years later Marilyn summed up her marriage to
  13    Joe DiMaggio was Catholic, so his divorce was
  14    It has been widely documented that Marilyn's s
  15    Thanks to Emmeline Snively, Norma Jeane, who w
  16    Marilyn also relied on heavy black felt materi
  17    Gladys Mortensen loved taking Norma Jeane to E
  18    Sam Shaw, who knew Marilyn well and photograph
  19    The real Marilyn was very compassionate and gr
  20    Marilyn helped many charities throughout her c
  21    Marilyn knew how to dress for success, whether
  22    Marilyn's beauty may have been skin deep, but
  23    Marilyn not only entertained the troops in Kor
  24    Marilyn's horoscope sign was Gemini, the sign
  25    Marilyn Monroe valued friendship, but found it
  26    Marilyn relied on her acting coach of six year
  27    Bernice Inez Gladys Baker Miracle was Marilyn'
  28    Marilyn had no qualms about nudity. Actors or
  29    Once Marilyn had achieved fame she made sure s
  30    When Marilyn wed playwright Arthur Miller on J
  31    Highlights and key dates of Marilyn Monroe's l
  32    January 4, 1954: Marilyn suspended by Fox for
  --    Checklist

Classic Chase Set (6:box)

MC 1    (B&W with camera)
MC 2    (talking on phone with lamp)
MC 3    (on pillow, hand to mouth)
MC 4    (talking on phone on bed, ankles crossed)
MC 5    (eating on veranda)
MC 6    (white outfit in trees, strap over right shoulder)
MC 7    (splashing, white one-piece, arms out)
MC 8    (white outfit, lake and flowers behind)
MC 9    (backstroke)
MC 10   (peering from convertible 2G-9364)
MC 11   (in car with white scarf)
MC 12   (photo shoot, black gown, left leg out, crying?)
MC 13   (before tree, left hand holding out skirt)
MC 14   (fur wrap on stair rail)
MC 15   (before winter scene, white dress)
MC 16   (before tree, arms extended back, pacing)
MC 17   (talking to left shoulder, white strap)
MC 18   (walking outdoors, white gown, sepia)
MC 19   (window shopping, white dress)
MC 20   (tight white dress, climbing stairs)
MC 21   (white/polka dot dress on stair landing)
MC 22   (from behind at mirror)
MC 23   (starting cigarette, white gown with polka dots)
MC 24   (soft focus face shot, half-right profile, stone necklace)
MC 25   (right profile, in the library)
MC 26   (the grate, skirt blowing up)
MC 27   (face shot, smiling, polished stone necklace, white outfit)
MC 28   (the grate, skirt not lifted yet)
MC 29   (portrait, facing left, white outfit, green background)
MC 30   (at the grate, close-up from front)
MC 31   (piano player)
MC 32   (removing top, at window with birdcage)

Rare Cards (1:box)

     Authentic Cut Signature Cards (3" x 5", by redemption; 1/1)

 MA1    Authentic cut signature
 MA2    Authentic cut signature

     Authentic Memorabilia Cards

 ME1    Authentic piece of a fur coat worn by Marilyn Monroe
 ME2    Authentic piece of Marilyn's stocking
 ME3    A stamp of authentic red lipstick used by Marilyn Monroe [blue background]
 ME4    A stamp of authentic red lipstick used by Marilyn Monroe [red background]
 ME5    Authentic piece of Marilyn Monroe's actual hair (1/6)

     Authentic Cut Handwriting Cards (1/1)

 MH1    Marilyn Monroe's handwriting cut from her cheque [window]
 MH2    Marilyn Monroe's handwriting
 MH3    Marilyn Monroe's handwriting
 MH4    Marilyn Monroe's handwriting cut from her cheque [green background]

Card Album (sold separately; same as album for main set)

    --    (binder)
     1    Album Promo 1 - ... was born June 1, 1926 at t
     2    Album Promo 2 - ... agent and producer Charles

Mail-In Offers (3" x 5")

  --    Authentic stamp of Marilyn's red lipstick
  --    Authentic piece of Marilyn's stocking
  --    (merchandise order form; 1 per box)

Display Box (# to 900)

  --    (red storage box with gold-stamped image; 6" x 5" x 1")


  --    (the grate; thick stock, foil; # to 8)
  --    (the grate; thin stock, foil; # to 99)
  --    (the grate; foil; limited to 300)
  MMB   Marilyn Monroe Special Offer (holofoil; ordering information for Collector's Album)

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