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Mars Attacks! (Movie) Widevision
   Topps - 1996

Note:  Thanks to Ray Tucker for the promo descriptions!

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.44 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Life on Mars...grotesque Death for Earth!
  2   Burning Cattle!
  3   Unearthly Visage!
  4   First Contact Calamity!
  5   Blasted by the Aliens!
  6   A Message from Earth!
  7   Within the Control Room!
  8   Discussing the Message!
  9   A Mag for Men and Martians!
 10   Message from the President!
 11   Lure of the Girlie Mag!
 12   Scoffing at Earth's Plea!
 13   Beast and the Beauty!
 14   The Leader's Plan!
 15   Examining Human Artifacts!
 16   A Visit to Capitol Hill!
 17   The Martian Ambassador Speaks!
 18   The Martian Ambassador Fires!
 19   Blasted into Oblivion!
 20   The Martians Kill Congress!
 21   Victims of the Death Ray!
 22   Congressional Massacre!
 23   Jerry Gets the Point!
 24   Keeping an Eye on Jerry!
 25   A Martian in Disguise!
 26   The Assassin Revealed!
 27   Mission: Fry the First Family!
 28   Rusty's Last Stand!
 29   Roasting a Retriever!
 30   Blown Away by Mitch!
 31   The Invasion Begins!
 32   Death of a Tour Guide!
 33   Martians in the White House!
 34   No Respect for Our Heritage!
 35   Invading the Oval Office!
 36   A Martian Bites the Big One!
 37   Kids to the Rescue!
 38   Blasted by Their Own Blaster!
 39   Target: Las Vegas Casino!
 40   Getting Into the Act!
 41   Alien Show Stoppers!
 42   Observing Earth's Customs!
 43   Trailer Park Imperiled!
 44   Death in a Junkyard!
 45   A Gunslinging Martian!
 46   Heartland Holocaust!
 47   There's Martians Everywhere!
 48   Retirement Home Horror!
 49   Grandma's Unexpected Visitor!
 50   The Plan to Waste Grandma!
 51   Rolling in the Death Ray!
 52   Targeting a Senior Citizen!
 53   Oblivious to Impending Doom!
 54   Grandma Faces the Fiends!
 55   Slim-Slamming the Enemy!
 56   Meeting with the Martians!
 57   The Incredibly Shrunken General!
 58   Martians on the Runway!
 59   Byron's Supreme Sacrifice!
 60   Mankind Clobbers the Martians!


 61   Full-front view of the Martian figure ...
 62   Full side view of the Martian figure ...
 63   The Martian Anatomy Chart ...
 64   All quiet on the set ...
 65   Director Tim Burton enjoys a laugh ...
 66   A miniature Martian stands ...
 67   ILM Gaffer Mike Olague adjusts ...
 68   Visual Effects Supervisor Jim ...
 69   Director of Miniature Photography ...
 70   Modelmaker Chuck Wiley works ...
 71   A mad lab Dr. Frankenstein ...

 72   A Short Synopsis of the Story Checklist!


Destruct-o-Rama Holo-Foils! (1:9 packs)

MA-1  Martians Approaching
MA-2  Beast and the Beauty
MA-3  Burning Flesh
MA-4  Crushed to Death
MA-5  Prize Captive
MA-6  Destroying a Dog


---   (Martian up-close with green Mars Attacks! logo on front, red back!)
---   (Martian up-close with red Mars Attacks! logo on front, green back!)
---   (Martian looking at a magazine!)
---   (unnumbered, Savage Dragon comic Mars Attacks! 1 of 4!)

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