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Mars Attacks!
Bubbles, Inc. (Topps) - 1962

Notes:  The collector reference number for this set is R714-30; some overprints
and short-prints have been reported.  A test issue was distributed in very small
volume, and the content of several cards was toned down for the official release
of the cards. A series of 11 cards that had been removed from the original print
run were published as part of the "Mars Attacks Archives" set in 1994. Thanks 
much to Bob Hall for confirming the checklist for the original series!

Authorized reprints were produced in 1984 by Renata Galasso Inc. (55 cards plus 
a cover card numbered 56, picturing the original wrapper and texted with "Official 
Mars Attacks Reprint By Agreement with Topps Chewing Gum Inc.") and by 
B.H.C.R. (same as the R.G.I. set but with "sample" stamped on the backs). 
R.G.I. included a four-card oversized (5" x 7") reprint set of cards 10, 25, 34, 
and 35 from the original series. A limited series of 13 cards (sets numbered to 
1000 and marked "The Unpublished Version") was produced by Rosem Enter-
prises in 1984 based on the original artworks before they were 'touched up' by 
Topps for the official release. Thanks to Darrell Warner for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.61 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   The Invasion Begins
  2   Martians Approaching
  3   Attacking an Army Base
  4   Saucers Blast Our Jets
  5   Washington in Flames
  6   Burning Navy Ships
  7   Destroying the Bridge
  8   Terror in Times Square
  9   The Human Torch
 10   The Skyscraper Tumbles
 11   "Destroy the City"
 12   Death in the Cockpit
 13   Watching from Mars
 14   Charred by Martians
 15   Saucers Invade China
 16   Panic in Parliament
 17   Beast and the Beauty
 18   A Soldier Fights Back
 19   Burning Flesh
 20   Crushed to Death
 21   Prize Captive
 22   Burning Cattle
 23   The Frost Ray
 24   The Shrinking Ray
 25   Capturing a Martian
 26   The Tidal Wave
 27   The Giant Flies
 28   Helpless Victim
 29   Death in the Shelter
 30   Trapped!!
 31   The Monster Reaches In
 32   Robot Terror
 33   Removing the Victims
 34   Terror in the Railroad
 35   The Flame Throwers
 36   Destroying a Dog
 37   Creeping Menace
 38   Victims of the Bug
 39   Army of Giant Insects
 40   High Voltage Execution
 41   Horror in Paris
 42   Hairy Fiend
 43   Blasting the Bug
 44   Battle in the Air
 45   Fighting Giant Insects
 46   Blast Off for Mars
 47   Earth Bombs Mars
 48   Earthmen Land on Mars
 49   The Earthmen Charge
 50   Smashing the Enemy
 51   Crushing the Martians
 52   Giant Robot
 53   Martian City in Ruins
 54   Mars Explodes
 55   Mars Attacks! Checklist

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