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Mars Attacks Model Kit Cards
Topps - 1994

Notes:  These cards were included in packages of Screamin' vinyl model kits. 
They were issued after the Mars Attacks Archives card series. Thanks to 
Michael Beam and kyfhomp for updates!

      Title                                Illustrator

      Air Assault Martian                  Bob Robison
      Attacking Martian
      Contemplating Conquest               Jim Elliott
      Mars Attacks Modeling (Logo Plaque)
      No Place to Hide                     Jim Groman
      Slaughter in the Streets             Chris Ryan
      Target Earth                         Cathy Diefendorf
      Terror in the Sky                    Ed Repka


Bonus Card (limited to 5000)

  --  The Invasion Begins   

Oversized Card (mail-in with proof of purchase of all 8 kits)

      Official Mars Attacks Conquest Card (5" x 7")

Special Kit (Limited Edition; # to 50)

 --   (3-bust set)
 --   Official Mars Attacks Conquest Card (card signed by Len Brown, Jeff Brower, and Ed Repka)

Uncut Sheet (Limited Edition; # to 50)

 --   (9[?]-card panel)

PROMO CARD (marked "Promotional Use Only")

      Slaughter in the Streets    Chris Ryan

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