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Masters of Japanimation
Comic Images - 1996

Note:  Thanks much to Steve Lillard for the update!

No.   Title                            Subset

U.S. Manga Corps

 01   Cyber City                       Cyber City Oedo 808
 02   Sen Goku                         Cyber City Oedo 808
 03   Evil                             Cyber City Oedo 808
 04   Shockwaves                       Cyber City Oedo 808
 05   Blood Sucker!                    Cyber City Oedo 808
 06   Strange Friends                  Cyber City Oedo 808
 07   Deadly Game                      Cyber City Oedo 808
 08   Lethal Benten                    Cyber City Oedo 808
 09   Metamorphosis                    Cyber City Oedo 808
 10   Planet in Turmoil                Venus Wars
 11   Battle Bike Game                 Venus Wars
 12   Hiro Seno                        Venus Wars
 13   The Ishtar Assault               Venus Wars
 14   Curfew                           Venus Wars
 15   FMBs                             Venus Wars
 16   General Donner                   Venus Wars
 17   Aphodia Fights Back              Venus Wars
 18   Lemnear                          Legend of Lemnear
 19   World of Darkness                Legend of Lemnear
 20   Champion of Silver               Legend of Lemnear
 21   Dark Lord                        Legend of Lemnear
 22   Silver & Bronze                  Legend of Lemnear
 23   Vengeance                        Legend of Lemnear
 24   Green Dragon                     Legend of Lemnear
 25   Flying Fortress                  Legend of Lemnear
 26   War Without End                  Gall Force: Eternal Story
 27   Target For Destruction           Gall Force 2: Destruction
 28   Sandy Newman                     Rhea Gall Force
 29   Death of the Human Race          Rhea Gall Force
 30   A Force of One                   Gall Force: Eternal Story
 31   Garaga                           Garaga
 32   Jay M. Jay                       Garaga
 33   Secret Mission                   Garaga
 34   Welcome to Garaga                Garaga
 35   United at Last                   Garaga
 36   The Umlanga                      Garaga
 37   Under Attack                     Garaga
 38   The Queen of the Lar             Garaga
 39   To Aid a Friend                  GoShogun
 40   Haunted Memory                   GoShogun
 41   A Team United                    GoShogun
 42   Together Forever                 GoShogun
 43   Ready for Battle                 GoShogun
 44   The Guardian Awakes              Cybernetics Guardian
 45   Lightning Strikes                Cybernetics Guardian
 46   Beware!                          Cybernetics Guardian
 47   Total Destruction                Cybernetics Guardian
 48   On the Rampage                   Cybernetics Guardian
 49   Evil Revealed                    Cybernetics Guardian
 50   In a Daze                        Cybernetics Guardian
 51   On the Hunt                      Cybernetics Guardian
 52   Look Out, Miki!                  Zeguy
 53   Not Your Typical...              Zeguy
 54   The Cloud World                  Zeguy
 55   Makoto                           Zeguy
 56   The Searchers                    Zeguy
 57   Where is Sayaka?                 Zeguy
 58   World of Zeguy                   Zeguy

Akai Hayate

 59   The Evil Sanezune                Akai Hayate
 60   Emerge, Hayate!                  Akai Hayate
 61   Shiori Possessed                 Akai Hayate
 62   Hayate Restrained                Akai Hayate
 63   Miyabi Revealed                  Akai Hayate
 64   Running from the Family          Akai Hayate
 65   The Attack of Miyabi             Akai Hayate
 66   Requiem for Warriors             Akai Hayate
 67   Ikkaku, the Shadow Warrior       Akai Hayate

Anime 18

 68   Awakening of the Overfiend       Urotsukidoji
 69   Impure Thoughts                  Urotsukidoji
 70   Friends                          Urotsukidoji
 71   The True Overfiend?              Urotsukidoji
 72   Megumi's Paradise                Urotsukidoji
 73   The Demon Realm                  Urotsukidoji
 74   To the Future                    Urotsukidoji
 75   Survival                         Urotsukidoji
 76   Amano's Last Stand               Urotsukidoji
 77   Suikakujyu Attacks               Urotsukidoji
 78   Human Prey                       Urotsukidoji
 79   Waiting                          Urotsukidoji
 80   The Keeper of the Realm          Urotsukidoji
 81   Under Pressure                   Urotsukidoji
 82   To Kill an Overfiend             Urotsukidoji
 83   Cross-Dimensional Search         Urotsukidoji

U.S. Manga Corps
 84   The Battle Skipper Exstars       Battle Skipper
 85   Rei is Ready for Action          Battle Skipper
 86   The Battle Skipper BSX-2         Battle Skipper
 87   Saori, the Newest Member         Battle Skipper
 88   The Elegant, but Powerful Reika  Battle Skipper
 89   Shihoko, Dressed to Kill         Battle Skipper
 90   The Masters of Japanimation      Checklist


Overfiend Chromium Cards (1:16 packs)

 C1   Ova 1: Birth of the Overfiend
 C2   Ova 2: Curse of the Overfiend
 C3   Ova 3: Final Inferno
 C4   Ova 4: Legend of the Demon Womb
 C5   Ova 5: Battle at the Shinjuku Skyscrapers
 C6   Ova 6: Legend of the Overfiend

Mighty Warriors of U.S. Manga Corps Subset

 S1   Akai Hayate
 S2   Cybernetics Guardian
 S3   Venus Wars

Magnachrome (Box Topper)

 --   Gall Force: Eternal Story

Autographed Card

 --   Koichi Ohata (Cybernetics Guardian)

Uncut Sheet

 --   (90 cards, 38-1/2" x 26")


 --   (Runner surrounded by fire, unnumbered)
 --   (Demon, unnumbered)

©2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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