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The Mask
Cardz - 1994

No.   Card Text / Title
Box: 24 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.90 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text

   Movie Madness

 01   Somewhere in the Tenth Century, Lief Erickson, the in
 02   The skies grow dark and ominous as the men burn an an
 03   Stanley Ipkiss, a mild-mannered bank teller whose bor
 04   Suddenly, a blonde bombshell walks into the bank from
 05   Stanlehy's friend and co-worker, Charlie Schumacker,
 06   The sensuous blonde, Tina Carlyle, winds up at Stanle
 07   Video monitors come alive in the office of slick gang
 08   The brains behind the heist is Tyrel's safe cracker,
 09   After work, Stanley swings by to pick up his car, whi
 10   That evening, Stanley arrives at the ultra swank CoCo
 11   The clunker spits and sputters on the way home from t
 12   When Stanley reaches the water, he realizes it's not
 13   After the police drop off Stanley, he finds himself s
 14   As Stanley unwinds after a typical day, he notices hi
 15   Feeling the urge to party hearty, The Mask decies to
 16   The mask, alias Stanley Ipkiss, attempts to silence t
 17   In order to avoid the flying artillery, The mask rico
 18   Stanley, The Mask, finds himself down on the street f
 19   The mask furiously twists and turns a balloon into a
 20   It's late in the evening... Burt and Irv, the mechani
 21   It's payback time and Turt and Irv watch as The Mask
 22   Realizing that he has the "grease monkeys" right wher
 23   Stanley awakes the next morning with, what feels like
 24   After Stanley has a run-in with his boss, Charlie tri
 25   Meanwhile, Dorian Tyrel is on the phone with his unde
 26   That night while struggling to sleep, Stanley hears a
 27   Before Dorian's gang has a chance to do their dirty w
 28   At the CoCo Bonbo, Dr. Freeze tells Dorian about the
 29   The Mask can't contain himself. He's sooooooo in love
 30   Unable to control himself any longer, The Mask grabs
 31   The dancing's over when Dorian spots The Mask and Tin
 32   When Dorian gets no answer, Eddy opens fire on The Ma
 33   Stanley wakes up the next morning to find the bank lo
 34   Dorian calls all of the city's underworld hoods toget
 35   Back at the bank AStanley tries to collect his though
 36   Frustrated and confused, Stanley roams the streets tr
 37   Lt. Kellaway spots Stanley leaving Dr. Arthur Neuman'
 38   As Stanley leaves the park through the trees, there i
 39   As The Mask continues his comical seduction, trying t
 40   When Lt. Kellaway rushes into the park to make his bu
 41   When the cops corner The Mask on the street his antic
 42   With lt. Kellaway hot on his heels, Stanley removes t
 43   In the newspaper's dark shipping room, as Stanley tel
 44   Dorian's curiosity gets the best of him so he puts on
 45   Amazed with his new found toy, Dorian has Stanley tak
 46   When Tina visits Stanley in jail, Stanley admits he's
 47   Tina plans to skip town when Dorian kidnaps her as sh
 48   Feeling helpless to do anything to save Tina Tyrel fr
 49   Meanwhile at the CoCo Bongo, the charity ball is just
 50   With the help of Milo, Stanley manages to escape from
 51   The club is hoppin' when Dorian-The Mask, enters with
 52   Dorian-The Mask orders his thugs to tie up Tina and s
 53   Tina Convinces Dorian-The Mask that she must have one
 54   As Dorian takes The mask off to kiss Tina, she kicks
 55   Stanley finds himself at gunpoint when he is spotted
 56   Milo-The Mask jumps into his master's arms, but when
 57   Thinking they have him exactly where they want him, D
 58   As The Mask toys with Dorian's gang, he hears the tic
 59   The trouble isn't over yet as Dorian attacks The Mask
 60   Stanley unties Tina, pulls The Mask off and changes b
 61   Lt. Kellaway and his men burst into the now demolishe
 62   From out of nowhere, Mayor Tilton, a witness to the e
 63   Stanley, Tina, Charlie and Milo drive off into the da

   Special FX

 64   In order to create the illusion of Stanley changing i
 65   To create the illusion of The Mask stopping himself f
 66   This eye popping effect is created by adding ILM comp
 67   Once The Mask is photographed in the hallway set, the
 68   Special effects artists at ILM enhanced this hallway
 69   A stunt man is lowered from the top of the building w
 70   This effect is created by filming an empty street the
 71   For this effect, the ILM animator creates a model of
 72   Once live action footage ("background plate") was sca
 73   ILM special effects artists combined the empty backgr
 74   In order to create the illusion of The Mask (Jim Carr
 75   Ahhhooogaahh! In this special effect, film of the act
 76   To create this special effect, movie footage of Jim C
 77   Many elements were used to create this special effect
 78   Many ILM computer artists were required for this shot
 79   For this special effect, ILM artists filmed the actor
 80   This unique special effect of a heart shaped smoke ri
 81   By adding computer generated smoke to actual film foo
 82   ILM special effects artists created computer generate
 83   Once film of Jim Carrey (as The Mask) was scanned int
 84   This crazy effect of "bullet dodging" was created by
 85   Live action images of the real dog were combined on t
 86   ILM artists combined actual movie footage of the dog
 87   Once the film of the real dog (as Milo) was scanned i
 88   ILM artists created this incredible special effect by
 89   In order to create an effect whereby Jim Carrey (The

   Comic Book Covers

 90   The Mask takes over the body of mild mannered Stanley
 91   Kathy, the owner of The Mask, gives the frustrated Lt
 92   Lt. Kellaway (secretly known as The Mask) is still on
 93   When a witness, who can put Lt. Kellaway at the scene
 94   Now that Lt. Kellaway is off the police force, the mo
 95   Don Cesare Mozzo's goons put ex-Lt. Kellaway in a com
 96   The Mask takes on all the "Mob" families and wipes ou
 97   Kathy can no longer fight her urges to use The Mask a
 98   The Mask (a.k.a. Kathy) and Walter tear up the city i

 99   Checklist I
100   Checklist II


Bonus Tekchromes (1:12 packs)

T1    The Mask Comics
T2    Behind the Bar
T3    God Of Mischief
T4    The Masks We Wear
T5    The CoCo Bongo
T6    Dr. Freeze
T7    The Tahoochie
T8    Milo
T9    Edge City
T10   Burt And Irv


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