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Masked Rider (Cardzillion)
   Bandai - 1996

Notes:  These cards were sold by Bandai North America in vending machines, often at 
the entrance of Toys 'R Us outlets.  Each set includes 36 base cards and 6 rare "Ultra" 
cards, which have about the same scarcity as the other cards. Complete sets are very 
hard to collect and verify. Thanks to Dave Strohmenger for the original lists and to 
David Vertino and Mark Statuto for updates! Further information and scans are posted 
at the Green Ranger website.

No.   Title                         Subtitle

  1   Savior of the Earth           Dex                                   [Prism Ultra]
  2   Prince of Edenoi              Dex
  3   Foreign Student               Dex
  4   Mysterious Powers             Dex
  5   Righteous Warrior             Dex
  6   Alien Warrior                 Masked Rider                          [Prism Ultra]
  7   Unbeatable Warrior            Masked Rider
  8   Explosive Kick                Masked Rider                          [Prism Ultra]
  9   Power Punch                   Masked Rider
 10   Electro Saber                 Masked Rider
 11   Talking Bike                  Combat Chopper
 12   Red Thunder                   Magno
 13   Super Hero                    Super Gold                            [Prism Ultra]
 14   Super Cycle                   Super Gold Chopper
 15   Water Warrior                 Super Blue                            [Prism Ultra]
 16   Sea Worthy                    Super Blue Chopper
 17   Ruler of Edenoi               King Lexian
 18   Furry Friend                  Ferbus
 19   Boy's Best Friend             Dex & Ferbus
 20   A Young Friend                Albee
 21   Guiding Light                 Molly
 22   Immediate Family              Dex, Ferbus & Siblings
 23   Neighbors                     The Stewarts and Friends
 24   Evil Heir                     Count Dregon
 25   Masked Marauder               Count Dregon
 26   Cruel Beauty                  Nefaria
 27   One-Eyed Bandit               Cyclopter
 28   Fencing Master                Double Face
 29   Poetic Jester                 Gork
 30   Data Droid                    Datz
 31   Space Fortress                Spider Base
 32   Good vs. Evil                 Masked Rider and Foes
 33   Friend or Foe?                Robo Rider
 34   Puppet Warrior                Robo Rider
 35   Slave Driver                  Plague Patrol
 36   Monster Menace                Destructasphere
 37   Triple Threat                 Tripron
 38   Jaw Breaker                   Super Gold Attack
 39   Robot Trap                    Robosect
 40   New Friends                   Dex and Friends
 41   Power Allies                  Masked Rider and the Power Rangers
 42   Dream Team                    Masked Rider and the Power Rangers    [Prism Ultra]

 --   (promo card)

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