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Mass Effect Playing Cards
   EA / Dark Horse - 2011

  No.         Title

Spade A       The Illusive Man
Spade 2
Spade 3
Spade 4
Spade 5
Spade 6
Spade 7
Spade 8
Spade 9
Spade 10
Spade J       Jack
Spade Q       Miranda Lawson
Spade K       Commander Shepard

Heart A       Liara T'Soni
Heart 2
Heart 3
Heart 4
Heart 5
Heart 6
Heart 7
Heart 8
Heart 9
Heart 10
Heart J       Thane Krios
Heart Q       Tali'Zorah Nar Rayya
Heart K       Garrus Vakarian

Diamond A     Collector General
Diamond 2
Diamond 3
Diamond 4
Diamond 5
Diamond 6
Diamond 7
Diamond 8
Diamond 9
Diamond 10
Diamond J     Grunt
Diamond Q     Samara
Diamond K     Mordin Solus

Club A        Jacob Taylor
Club 2
Club 3
Club 4
Club 5
Club 6
Club 7
Club 8
Club 9
Club 10
Club J        Legion
Club Q        Kasumi Goto
Club K        Zaeed Massani

Joker         (black)
Joker         (black)

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