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The Masterpiece Collection
Comic Images - 1993

Note:  Thanks much to Jim Goodwin for the promo update!

Box: 48 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 5.30 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                             Artist                         Nationality

  1   Still Life With A Basket                          Paul Cezanne                   French
  2   The Gypsy Caravans                                Vincent van Gogh               Dutch
  3   The Ballet Rehearsal                              Hilaire Edgar Degas            French
  4   Restaurant at Bougival                            Maurice de Viaminck            French
  5   The Butterfly Hunt                                Berthe Morisot                 French
  6   Young Girl With Brown Hair                        Amedeo Modigliani              Italian
  7   The Turkish Bath                                  Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres  French
  8   Self Portrait At His Easel                        Rembrandt Van Rijn             Dutch
  9   Woman With A Parasol                              Aristide Maillol               French
 10   Landscape Of Estaque                              George Braque                  French
 11   The Dance Foyer Of The Opera House                Edgar Degas                    French
 12   Conversations In A Park                           Thomas Gainsborough            English
 13   The Spanish Dancer                                John Singer Sargent            Italian/American
 14   Landscape By The Water                            Camille Corot                  French
 15   Breton Village In The Snow                        Paul Gauguin                   French
 16   The Horsedrawn Carriage                           Camille Pissarro               West Indian
 17   After The Meal                                    Edouard Vuillard               French
 18   Christ On The Cross                               Domenikos el Greco             Greek
 19   Le Cirque                                         Georges Seurat                 French
 20   The Death Of The Virgin                           Michelangelo Caravaggio        Italian
 21   Portrait Of The Little Princess Marie-Marguerite  Diego Velasquez                Spanish
 22   Ixion Being Deceived By Juno                      Peter Paul Rubens              Dutch
 23   Waterlily Pond                                    Claude Monet                   French
 24   The Dance Class                                   Hilaire Edgar Degas            French
 25   The Country Dance                                 Pierre-Auguste Renoir          French
 26   Paradise                                          Jacopo Tintoretto              Italian
 27   Self Portrait                                     Kees Van Dongen                Dutch
 28   The Grandmother                                   Pierre Bonnard                 French
 29   The Picnic In The Grass                           Edouard Manet                  French
 30   The Voyage To Cythere                             Jean-Antoine Watteau           French
 31   The Poplars                                       Paul Cezanne                   French
 32   The Cargo On The Dock                             Edouard Vuillard               French
 33   "La Pie"                                          Claude Monet                   French
 34   The Clowness Chaku-Kao                            Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec      French
 35   The Fife Player                                   Edouard Manet                  French
 36   Yachting                                          Pierre Bonnard                 French
 37   Elevation Of The Cross                            Peter Paul Rubens              Dutch
 38   Whistler's Mother                                 James Abbott-McNeill Whistler  American
 39   The Archangel Raphael                             Rembrandt Van Rijn             Dutch
 40   Liberty Leading The People                        Eugene Delacroix               French
 41   The Summer Night                                  Winslow Homer                  American
 42   Place Of The Fools                                Hieronimus Bosch               Dutch
 43   Still Life With Wicker Chair                      Pablo Picasso                  Spanish
 44   Don Quixote                                       Honore Damier                  French
 45   The Flutes Of Pan                                 Pablo Picasso                  Spanish
 46   Roses Under The Trees                             Gustav Klimt                   Austrian
 47   The Ball At The Moulin De Galette                 Pierre-Auguste Renoir          French
 48   The Poppies                                       Claude Monet                   French
 49   Charles I, King of England                        Anton Van Dyck                 Dutch
 50   The Sacrifice Of The Grand Priest                 Jean Honore Fragonard          French
 51   The Footbridge At Argenteuil                      Alfred Sisley                  French
 52   The Gleaners                                      Jean Francois Millet           French
 53   Adoration Of The Shepherds                        Georges de La Tour             French
 54   Venus And The Three Graces                        Sandro Botticelli              Italian
 55   The Dance At The Moulin Rouge                     Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec      French
 56   Floral Vase With A Red Poppy                      Odilon Redon                   French
 57   The Mona Lisa                                     Leonardo DaVinci               Italian
 58   The Young Woman In A Ball Gown                    Berthe Morisot                 French
 59   Odalisque                                         Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres  French
 60   The Sabines                                       Jacques Louis David            French
 61   St. Louis King Of France                          Domenikos el Greco             Greek
 62   The Tiger Hunt                                    Eugene Delacroix               French
 63   The Epsom Derby                                   Theodore Gericault             French
 64   The Raft Of The Medusa                            Theodore Gericault             French
 65   The Angelus                                       Jean-Francois Millet           French
 66   The Card Players                                  Paul Cezanne                   French
 67   The Unequal Marriage                              Francisco de Goya              Spanish
 68   The Meditation Of The Philosopher                 Rembrandt Van Rijn             Dutch
 69   Storm At Weymouth Bay                             John Constable                 English
 70   Entrance Of The Grand Canal                       Antonio Canaletto              Italian
 71   The Vicountess Of Poilloue de Saint-Perier        John Singer Sargent            Italian
 72   The War                                           Henri Rousseau                 French
 73   The Cheat                                         Georges de La Tour             French
 74   Paul Gaugin                                       Odilon Redon                   French
 75   Woman In The Lamplight                            Paul Signac                    French
 76   Saint Sebastian                                   Andrea Mantegna                Italian
 77   Women Of Tahiti                                   Paul Gauguin                   French
 78   Jane Avril Dancing                                Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec      French
 79   The Supper Of Emmaus                              Tiziano [Titien] Vecellio      Italian
 80   The Green Sailboat In Venice                      Paul Signac                    French
 81   Seated Young Girl In A Persian Dress              Henri Matisse                  French
 82   The Countess Of Carpio                            Francisco de Goya              Spanish
 83   St. George And The Dragon                         Santi Raffaello [Raphael]      Italian
 84   Still Life With Oranges                           Henri Matisse                  French
 85   The Village Street                                Raoul Dufy                     French
 86   Lilacs In Gray                                    Claude Monet                   French
 87   Cat On A Chair                                    Theophile Steinlen             Swiss
 88   The Beggars                                       Peter Bruegel                  Dutch
 89   Young Woman In A Garden                           Mary Cassatt                   American
 90   Checklist


Chromium Cards (1:16 packs)

 C1   The Church In d'Auvers sun Oise                   Vincent Van Gogh               Dutch
 C2   The Joyous Women                                  Paul Gaugin                    French
 C3   Portrait of Dora Maar                             Pablo Picasso                  Spanish
 C4   Paul As A Harlequin                               Pablo Picasso                  Spanish
 C5   Self Portrait                                     Vincent Van Gogh               Dutch
 C6   Young Girls At The Piano                          Pierre-Auguste Renoir          French


--    Wagon Train (Unnumbered)
--    Lady in a Pink Dress(Unnumbered)

©1997-2001, 2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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