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Masters of Fantasy Metallic
FPG - 1996

Note:  Thanks to Alan Phillips for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.40 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.  Title                               Artist

   1  The Albino Warrior                  Achilleos
   2  The Hosts of Chaos                  Achilleos
   3  Medusa                              Achilleos
   4  Taarna                              Achilleos
   5  Boadecia                            Achilleos
   6  Yasmin                              Achilleos
   7  Defiant                             Achilleos
   8  Samurai Girl                        Achilleos
   9  The Blue Angel                      Achilleos
  10  Border Crossing                     Berkey
  11  Psychotic Following                 Berkey
  12  Substance and Spirit                Berkey
  13  The Tale of the Head                Berkey
  14  Helmsman                            Berkey
  15  Amphibian                           Berkey
  16  Foreign Soil                        Berkey
  17  5-Nov-99                            Berkey
  18  Exit Beyond the Point               Berkey
  19  War Bird                            Brom
  20  Lonestalker                         Brom
  21  Stringer                            Brom
  22  Ant Tracks                          Brom
  23  Rebel                               Brom
  24  Lonewolf                            Brom
  25  Quadrunner                          Brom
  26  Rex                                 Brom
  27  Glee Maker                          Brom
  28  The Crystal Palace                  Hescox
  29  Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley       Hescox
  30  Star Sister                         Hescox
  31  In the Red Load's Reach             Hescox
  32  Towers of Darkover                  Hescox
  33  March or Die                        Hescox
  34  Bug Wars                            Hescox
  35  Blue Moon Rising                    Hescox
  36  The Infinity Plague                 Hescox
  37  The Rider                           Jones
  38  Suspended                           Jones
  39  Cleopatra                           Jones
  40  Late Wisdom                         Jones
  41  Light                               Jones
  42  Apparition                          Jones
  43  Slayer                              Jones
  44  Iron                                Jones
  45  The Black Rose                      Jones
  46  Solitaire                           Kelly
  47  Mine for the Taking                 Kelly
  48  Tug of War                          Kelly
  49  Alert                               Kelly
  50  Death's End                         Kelly
  51  Tin Man                             Kelly
  52  The Rogues                          Kelly
  53  Stampede                            Kelly
  54  Portal of Time                      Kelly
  55  Dogs of the Future                  Parkinson
  56  Door to Another Dimension           Parkinson
  57  The Scam                            Parkinson
  58  Atlantis                            Parkinson
  59  Lost Prince                         Parkinson
  60  Sapphire Rose                       Parkinson
  61  Charlemagne's Champion              Parkinson
  62  The Ice Dragon                      Parkinson
  63  The Wizard's Study                  Parkinson
  64  King Dragon                         Rowena
  65  Golem                               Rowena
  66  The Magic Fire                      Rowena
  67  Adventurous                         Rowena
  68  Instruction from the Cardinal       Rowena
  69  Space Warrior                       Rowena
  70  A Feline Couple                     Rowena
  71  Candlelight Visions                 Rowena
  72  Dark Mermaid                        Rowena
  73  Defiant                             Sanjulian
  74  Victory Was Mine                    Sanjulian
  75  The Power Game                      Sanjulian
  76  Time Stands Still                   Sanjulian
  77  The Dragon's Son                    Sanjulian
  78  To Protect and Serve                Sanjulian
  79  Monster Island                      Sanjulian
  80  Battle's End                        Sanjulian
  81  The Centaur                         Sanjulian
  82  But the Instructions Are Confusing  Sweet
  83  Ship of Gold                        Sweet
  84  The Chamber for Dueling             Sweet
  85  Delivery of Baby Ogre               Sweet
  86  Repairs in Deep Space               Sweet
  87  The Rite of Possession              Sweet
  88  The Princess and Her Pet            Sweet
  89  The Rescue                          Sweet
  90  The Value of the Lamp               Sweet


Gold Metallic Cards (1:12 packs)

 1 Gold  The Druid's Stone                 Parkinson
 2 Gold  Flame Goddess                     Rowena
 3 Gold  Crisis at Starlight               Hescox
 4 Gold  Mistaken Time                     Berkey
 5 Gold  Facing the Enemy                  Jones
 6 Gold  Dante's Inferno                   Kelly


  --  (dealer sell sheet; also promotes Thomas Canty card set)

©1998, 1999, 2000, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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