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David Mattingly
   FPG - 1995

Note: Thanks much to Steve Yoder for updates!

No. Title

 1  The Subway Wizard
 2  Yarrii's Children
 3  The Time of the Dark
 4  Police Your Planet
 5  The Wizard of 4th St.
 6  Galactic Effectuator
 7  The Golden Spaceship
 8  Seeking the Dream Brother
 9  The Wizard Convention
10  The Nine Lives of Catseye Gomez
11  Majyk By Accident
12  Majyk By Hook or Crook
13  Harpy High
14  The Land of Laughs
15  A Death of Honor
16  Light City
17  Alien Basketball [idle pleasures]
18  The Company Man
19  St. Joan and the Computer
20  Killer
21  The Aquiliad
22  Angels Luck: Desperate Measures
23  Angels Luck: The Essence of Evil
24  Angels Luck: Precious Cargo
25  Lensman: Triplanetary
26  Lensman: First Lensman
27  Lensman: Galactic Patrol
28  Time Wars 1: The Ivanhoe Gambit
29  Time Wars 2: The Timekeeper Conspiracy
30  Quest of the Dawnstar
31  Shapers
32  Firetime
33  American Gothic 3000
34  Wizard of the Rue Morgue
35  Space Age Eden [Pindharee]
36  The Changes
37  Pellucidar: At the Earth's Core
38  Pellucidar: Pellucidar
39  Pellucidar: Tanar of Pellucidar
40  Pellucidar: Back to the Stone Age
41  Pellucidar: Land of Terror
42  Pellucidar: Savage Pellucidar
43  The Long Fall [the return to Rocheworld]
44  Marooned on Eden
45  Meeting at Rocheworld [oceans beneath the ice]
46  Life Probe
47  Inner Eclipse
48  Berserker
49  Space Lady
50  When Ages Collide [lizard war]
51  The Splendid Freedom
52  Halo
53  The Armageddon Inheritance
54  The Phantom Spaceship
55  Space Spheres
56  The Years of the City
57  The Mind Pool
58  Beam Riders
59  The Reality Matrix
60  Cities in Flight
61  Journey to the Stars
62  Codgerspace
63  The Crystal Empire
64  Exit Earth
65  Prison Ship
66  Samurai Defender [limbo system]
67  Across Realtime
68  The Space Shuttle Attack [Zoboa]
69  The Kalif's Wars
70  Killer Station
71  The Messiah Stone
72  The Rapture Effect
73  Flying High
74  The World of Vincent Price
75  Greenthieves
76  Moonheart
77  The Welcoming Party [return to Fangalith]
78  Orion
79  Quiet Evening at Home
80  King of Ys: Gallicinae
81  King of Ys: Roma Matter
82  Wizard World
83  The Burning Realm
84  The Moon Goddess and the Sun
85  The Telepath [distant friends]
86  The Black Throne
87  The Regiment
88  Deep Space Dreamscape
89  Hell Series: The Little Helliad
90  Checklist

Metallic Cards

M1  The Wizard of Camelot
M2  The World Next Door
M3  Dr. Dimension 1
M4  Showboat World
M5  The Messiah Choice

Autographed Card
   Fakes have been reported. Description applies to authentic cards.

---   David B. Mattingly [FPG foil stamp without rays; gold ink]
---   (unsigned cards) [FPG foil stamp without rays]

Boxed Set (Bud Plant Comic Art)

---   (card set)
---   (bookpklate, signed in silver)


---   (unnumbered; oversized)

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