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Maverick - The Movie
Cardz - 1995

Note:  The trivia cards (51-60) are less common than the lower numbered cards,
and their distribution limits the completion of 60-card common sets. Thanks to
Steve Carter for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards #1-50 + 1 trivia card #51-60.
Common sets: approx. 3.60 per box if collation were perfect (limited
by trivia cards; average 5.04 for cards #1-50).

 No.   Title


   1   Bret Maverick
   2   Zane Cooper
   3   Annabelle Bransford
   4   Joseph
   5   Angel


   6   With the sound of thunder
   7   Mavericks' problems started
   8   After living up to his promise
   9   Before Angel can clobber
  10   After single-handedly beating
  11   In his never-ending attempt
  12   Some days, nothing goes
  13   After losing his thousand
  14   While the argument over the
  15   After two days of irritating
  16   With "Coop" and Annabelle
  17   The runawsay stage has
  18   After the stage ride of his
  19   Just what they DIDN"T NEED
  20   In spite of what the wagon
  21   Just as he thought.
  22   With "six-to-one" odds
  23   Using every bullet he has
  24   With the robbers positively
  25   Just like I told you.
  26   The fierce leader of this band
  27   In spite of what everyone else
  28   With Maverick still short
  29   Meanwhile....back in Crystal
  30   On his way to the big poker
  31   This is where our story began
  32   Escaping the Angel again
  33   With Annabelle, Maverick
  34   Having Zane Cooper as
  35   The man responsible for this
  36   As the hours go by on the
  37   With Annabelle out of the
  38   Coop is too fast for the
  39   With the (up until now) honest
  40   Somewhere, deep in the woods
  41   With Maverick in control


  42   Mel Gibson - Bret Maverick
  43   James Garner - Zane Cooper
  44   Jodie Foster - Annabelle Bransford
  45   Richard Donner - Producer/Director


  46   Since Mel Gibson spent several
  47   Getting Maverick to "sound" like
  48   Making movies can be a "dirty"
  49   In an adventure/comedy such as

  50  Maverick - The Movie Checklist


  51   What actor played in BOTH
  52   On his way to the big poker
  53   Upon meeting Zane Cooper
  54   When Coop makes his unexpected
  55   Bret Maverick's Indian friend
  56   In the big, "All River" poker
  57   What well-known country singer
  58   What article of Maverick's clothing
  59   How much does it cost each
  60   What makes Annabelle think


Tekchromes (1:24 packs)

 T1   Bret Maverick
 T2   Zane Cooper
 T3   Annabelle Bransford



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