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Peter Max
Peter Max Distributors - 1994

Notes:  Card backs have "PETER MAX" across the top, Card No under that
on the left, card titles to the right of the number, a small thumbnail photo of
Peter Max , a Woodstock logo with the dates '69-'94 , a 900 # to call the Max
cyberspace network, an 800 # to order merchandise, a "NEOPOP" symbol in
left bottom corner of card back, and "SUPPORT GREENPEACE" on the right.
Additional info on card back includes Exclusive Peter Max Distributors Name
and Number. Cards # 1, 3, and 5 have a small thumbnail photo of Swami
Satchidananda and biography; cards # 2, 4 and 6 have Peter Max Woodstock
Exhibition at Fletcher Gallery and information.  Thanks much to LMA for
the list and descriptions!

No.   Title

  1   "Love" (poster 24 x 36, 1967)
  2   "Different Drummer" (poster 24 x 36, 1968)
  3   "Great Wave" (Animation cel 9 x 12, 1990)
  4   "Cosmic Jumper"  (Animation cel 9 x 12, 1990)
  5   "A Beautiful Summer Day" (poster 24 x 36, 1969)
  6   "Cosmic Flyer With Doves"  (Acrylic Canvas 36 x 48, 1992)

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