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The Maxx
Topps - 1993

Note:  Art is by Sam Kieth, text by Bill Messner-Loebs, and color by
Reuben Rude.

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.17 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Sam Keith's The Maxx
  2   The Seedbringer
  3   The Maxx: Tortured Hero of the Streets
  4   Julie Winters: Freelance Social Worker
  5   Julie Winters: Queen of the Leopard Women
  6   The ISZ: Playful, Terrible Guardians of the Plains
  7   The Maxx: Master of Two Worlds
  8   Mr. Gone: Nearly a Sorcerer
  9   Mr. Gone and His City
 10   The Walking Mountains
 11   The Primitive Maxx
 12   A Guardian Keeps Watch
 13   Julie Winters' Primitive Dreams
 14   An Ancient Prophesy Fulfilled!
 15   The Volcano
 16   Primitive World - Primitive Woman
 17   The Great White Hare
 18   The Glowing Ghost-Spirit
 19   A Dark ISZ
 20   Confusion Rules!
 21   The ISZ: Nature's Joyful Destroyer
 22   The Mad Prophet
 23   The Mocking Leer of the Dark ISZ
 24   Intelligent Life
 25   The Dexter-Balsco Building
 26   Underground Terror
 27   A Deadly Sense of Fashion
 28   Mr. Gone: A Villain Who Thinks He's a Hero
 29   The Dexter-Balsco Building
 30   A Mask of Rage!
 31   Leaping into Eternity
 32   The Volcano Erupts!
 33   The Great Northern Crabbit
 34   A Battle to the Death!
 35   The Lair of the Queen of the Leopard Women
 36   A Vision of the Jungle Queen
 37   A Cat for the Jungle Queen
 38   Mr. Gone's Hideout
 39   Maxx's Side of Town
 40   Mr. Gone: Philosopher
 41   Maxx at Home
 42   The Maxx: Hero or Tragic Clown?
 43   Julie Winters Chats with Sgt. Ocono
 44   Glorie and Tommy
 45   Maxx The Avenger
 46   Mr. Gone Does His Trick
 47   Cape Fear
 48   ISZ and Fallen Hero
 49   A Difficult Friendship
 50   The Smile of a Human Shark
 51   The Maxx: Sudden Warrior on the Plains of the Mind
 52   Muggers at Work
 53   A Cardboard Haven
 54   Lord of the Veldt
 55   A Dream of Julie
 56   J'Gmaknl - He Who Screams
 57   Julie: Wild and Free
 58   Last Hope in the Urban Nightmare
 59   The City of Lockup: Home to the Dispossessed
 60   Scuffle-Time?
 61   Pounding Drumbeats
 62   The Maxx vs. Mr. Gone
 63   Claws of Justice
 64   The Shining Nightmare
 65   Prisoner of Obsession
 66   The Maxx: A Stranger with a Hidden Face
 67   A Struggle for Life and Sanity
 68   The Tortured Hero of Rodin Street
 69   The Pleasure Platform
 70   The Scream of the Air Luger
 71   The Ripe Scent of Death
 72   Alien Enemies
 73   Refrigerator Ambush
 74   Battle Royal
 75   Battle Royal
 76   A Wraith of Terror
 77   Madness and Conflict
 78   The Bathroom of the Cows
 79   Brains against Bulk
 80   Mind Games of a Killer
 81   Julie Winters: Creator or Victim?
 82   More Trouble for The Maxx
 83   A Battle against One's Nature
 84   Thwarting the ISZ
 85   Sudden Death in a Savage Wilderness
 86   Maxx and Julie
 87   Hero and Villain: the Classic Confrontation
 88   Julie Winters: Volunteer for the Victimized
 89   The Maxx: Jungle Lord
 90   The Maxx


Etched Foil Cards (1:18 packs)


Winner Card (1:case)

--    (Redemption Card)
 5    (Etched Foil Card)

Autographed Card

--    (Redemption Card)
--    Sam Kieth


 6    Sam Kieth (Etched Foil Card: Cons, Wizard)
--    (Unnumbered, direct market)
--    (Unnumbered, Wizard)
#2    (Holofoil, Wizard)
--    (Unnumbered, oversized)

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