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McHale's Navy
   Fleer - 1965

Notes: Thanks much to Pete Porco for the checklist! American Card Catalog 
reference is R730-6. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Card Text

  1   The heroic commander McHale.
  2   The fearless leader, Captain Binghampton.
  3   Poor Chuck, did Binghampton make you swim back aga
  4   Skip, I think my head shrank.
  5   On you, it looks better this way, Sir.
  6   Control yourself, Tiger... Er, I mean Sir.
  7   Sir, you shouldn't say those nasty things. The sho
  8   Don't cry Chuck, Binghampton won't keep your yo-yo
  9   No, It's not a rat knucklehead. I said I smell a r
 10   McHale, I'm afraid your new laundry won't last.
 11   Don't confuse me with the facts... This is McHale'
 12   Boy, I can't get a drop out of this crazy straw.
 13   Down ofr the third time... McHale hopes!
 14   How am I doin' Skip? I can't eyes are close
 15   Skip, is it true the Navy issues bathing suits to
 16   Anyone want a taxi?
 17   This'll put out that fire in your eyes, Sir!
 18   McHale! What happened... eveything's gone blank!
 19   Chuck, I know it's hard, but you've just got to st
 20   Here's your Jeep Sir.
 21   Parker, you knucklehead, I want to talk to you!!
 22   It's nice you learned to salute, but I said "At ea
 23   This combat zone duty is really rough!!
 24   All right Captain, stop gasping...I'll throw you bac
 25   Well, I can always try filet of Sole.
 26   Chuck, are you sure this Little Red Riding Hood mo
 27   I taught him to salute myself Sir.
 28   Yeh Skip, but before we go, tell me again which is
 29   If he wasn't getting chewed out, Chuck would know
 30   Don't worry Skip... I've got my secret weapon here
 31   Some after shave lotion, Skip?
 32   Now watch you don't scratch up your carbine, Skip.
 33   After you give this to Binghampton... Run!
 34   Stop saying you'll desert to the enemy... Ensign P
 35   Gruber, try cying like Ensign Parker does.
 36   Hey, guys, look at these pictures!
 37   How about some Suki Yaki a la Parker?
 38   It's no use McHale, I've tried... the Infantry won
 39   McHale's sidekick... and somebody's always kicking
 40   Skip, are you sure he's the family doctor?
 41   I've never seen you look better, Captain.
 42   I want to win The Best Dressed Award.
 43   Help, I want my mommy!
 44   Hey Skip, can I have a bullet for my gun mow?
 45   At least I'm not wet behind the ears.
 46   This Navy life is the greatest!
 47   If we don't get all four, we're really going to de
 48   Don't worry Chuck, flying is fun... and your arms 
 49   Don't cry Chuck. It opens up just like a big umbre
 50   You don't really mean up thataway!!
 51   Remember, if I think I'm going to if by
 52   Anything that covers up part of that face is an im
 53   Parlez-vous Francais?
 54   Boy, you're the cutest girl I've seen on this isla
 55   Aw Skip, why is it always me? If the Captain sees
 56   Just call me Handsome Harry!
 57   Do I have to say 'I do, Sir?'
 58   Get me to the church on time.
 59   Oh H-O-W I wish I was in the land of cotton...
 60   On guard, Yankee-San!
 61   Me Parker-Suki, Japanese houseboy.
 62   You're standing on my skirt!
 63   Have kimono, will travel!
 64   Cheerio, old chap!
 65   I'm not a beatnik... tell him McHale!
 66   I don't care if you are a Smith brother... stop co

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