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Meanie Babies
Comic Images - 1998

Note:  Accompanied by a 61-card parallel sticker set. Cards show just the main
name, while the "animal" description is added in the printed checklist. Thanks much
to Kirk Wible for chase-and promo-card updates!

Box: 48 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.67 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.   Title

   1   Hairball the Cat
   2   Snotty the Baby Bull
   3   Upchuck the Duck
   4   Sphinxter the Baby Sphinx
   5   No Brainer the Camel
   6   Pickles the Pickled Pig
   7   Litters the Cat
   8   Baby Cue the Unicorn
   9   Scummy the Baby Pond Scum
  10   Warty the Frog
  11   Val the Crow
  12   Frogenstein the Frog
  13   Moldie the Dead Goldfish
  14   Roadhog the Pig
  15   Flush the Alligator
  16   E. Coli the Baby Bacteria
  17   Eddie the Yetti
  18   Bad Hare the Rabbit
  19   Salmonella the Salmon
  20   Piercy the Rhino
  21   Fartface the Bear
  22   Spritzer the Cobra
  23   Hippy the Hippopotamus
  24   Roto Rooster the Domestic Fowl
  25   Picky-Picky the Elephant
  26   Zippity the Bunny
  27   Flat the Squished Cat
  28   Bum-Bee the Bee
  29   Downsize the Dog
  30   Holey Cow the Heavenly Cow
  31   Sucker the Mosquito
  32   Spot-Less the Dalmatian
  33   Clearcut the Beaver
  34   Big Mouth the Mouse
  35   Downchuck the Duck
  36   Vile-Rus the Computer Virus
  37   Rat-Race the Rat
  38   Swampy the Sewer Creature
  39   Piddles the Poodle
  40   Oxymoron the Ox
  41   De-Odor-Ant the Ant
  42   Hungry the Lion
  43   Bull-Oney the Bull
  44   Maggoty the Maggot
  45   Pound the Groundhog
  46   Smartass the Donkey
  47   Gonuts the Squirrel
  48   Exstinkt the Saber-Toothed Skunk
  49   Nosejob the Reindeer
  50   Beavis the Butt-Erfly
  51   Whinosaur the Dinosaur
  52   Game-Boar the Wild Boar
  53   Chester the Turtle
  54   Webster the Spider
  55   Armpit the Amorphous Creature
  56   Housefly the Fly
  57   Hot Lipps the Dragon
  58   Hoooters the Owl
  59   Grrrilla the Gorilla
  60   Ticked Off the Deer
  61   Checklist


Omnichrome Cards (1:18 packs)

Omni 1  Flush the Alligator
Omni 2  Warty the Frog
Omni 3  Moldie the Goldfish
Omni 4  Baby-Cue
Omni 5  Roto Rooster
Omni 6  Zippers

Sketch Cards

  1S    Vile-Rus
  2S    No-Brainer
  3S    Bad-Hare

John Pound Autographed Card (500 total signed)

   1    Litters
   2    UpChuck
   3    Sphinxter

Card Album

 ---    (Binder)
 ---    (9 plastic pages)


   1    Litters
   2    UpChuck
   3    Sphinxter
 ---    Cy-Clone (Bonus Card, Guff comic)

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