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Mega Metal
Impel - 1991

Note:  Thanks to LMA for information on the error hologram!

Box: 36 packs of 12 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.83 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Performer/Work or :Card Text                     Group

  1   David Bryan                                      Bon Jovi
  2   Jon Bon Jovi                                     Bon Jovi
  3   :The Bon Jovi quintet includes Richie Sambora,   Bon Jovi
  4   Jon Bon Jovi                                     Bon Jovi
  5   Jon Bon Jovi                                     Bon Jovi
  6   Alec John Such                                   Bon Jovi
  7   Jon Bon Jovi                                     Bon Jovi
  8   Richie Sambora                                   Bon Jovi
  9   Tico Torres                                      Bon Jovi
 10   Jon Bon Jovi                                     Bon Jovi
 11   Jon Bon Jovi                                     Bon Jovi
 12   :Rock critic Brian McTavish of the Kansas City   Bon Jovi
 13   Richie Sambora                                   Bon Jovi
 14   Richie Sambora                                   Bon Jovi
 15   Gene Hoglan                                      Dark Angel
 16   Ronnie Dio                                       Dio
 17   Ronnie Dio                                       Dio
 18   Simon Wright                                     Dio
 19   Jens Johansson                                   Dio
 20   Rowan Robertson                                  Dio
 21   C.J Snare                                        FireHouse
 22   :Says C.J.: "We like all kinds of music, but w   FireHouse
 23   :The Front consist of Michael Anthony Franano,   The Front
 24   :Soon after the band's line-up was set, McGhee   The Front
 25   Mark Evans                                       Heavens Edge
 26   Reggie Wu                                        Heavens Edge
 27   Mark Evans                                       Heavens Edge
 28   Nicko McBrain                                    Iron Maiden
 29   Bruce Dickinson                                  Iron Maiden
 30   Steve Harris                                     Iron Maiden
 31   Dave Murray                                      Iron Maiden
 32   Janick Gers                                      Iron Maiden
 33   :Iron Maiden's self-titled first album was rel   Iron Maiden
 34   Powerslave                                       Iron Maiden
 35   Maiden Japan                                     Iron Maiden
 36   Piece Of Mind                                    Iron Maiden
 37   :Artist Derek Riggs brought it all together fo   Iron Maiden
 38   :Maiden's third album The Number of the Beast    Iron Maiden
 39   No Prayer                                        Iron Maiden
 40   Killers                                          Iron Maiden
 41   :The Iron Maiden album Somewhere In Time was r   Iron Maiden
 42   Seventh Son                                      Iron Maiden
 43   Live After Death                                 Iron Maiden
 44   :"We knew there was something special about "S   Robert Plant
 45   :Plant's up-front sexuality was ahead of its t   Robert Plant
 46   :Robert Plant retained the same band he worked   Robert Plant
 47   :"I started out to be an accountant. Now I'm m   Robert Plant
 48   :"On Manic Nirvana, the whole shooting match i   Robert Plant
 49   :Now in his prime, Robert Plant talks about hi   Robert Plant
 50   :"Stairway to Heaven," "Whole Lotta Love," and   Robert Plant
 51   :Manic Nirvana was co-produced by Robert Plant   Robert Plant
 52   Rob & Ian                                        Judas Priest
 53   Glenn Tipton                                     Judas Priest
 54   K.K. Downing                                     Judas Priest
 55   Ian Hill                                         Judas Priest
 56   K.K. Downing                                     Judas Priest
 57   Scott Travis                                     Judas Priest
 58   Ian Hill                                         Judas Priest
 59   Glenn Tipton                                     Judas Priest
 60   Rob Halford                                      Judas Priest
 61   Rob Halford                                      Judas Priest
 62   Rob Halford                                      Judas Priest
 63   Rob Halford                                      Judas Priest
 64   Painkiller                                       Judas Priest
 65   Rob Halford                                      Judas Priest
 66   :Unlike his previous "concept" albums - Abigai   King Diamond
 67   :Called "The Stephen King of heavy metal," and   King Diamond
 68   :Songs on The Eye are based on a necklace with   King Diamond
 69   :Why didn't King continue the story begun on h   King Diamond
 70   :King Diamond's previous albums have attracted   King Diamond
 71   Steve Riley                                      L.A. Guns
 72   Phil Lewis                                       L.A. Guns
 73   Tracii Guns                                      L.A. Guns
 74   Tracii Guns                                      L.A. Guns
 75   Tracii Guns                                      L.A. Guns
 76   Mick Cripps                                      L.A. Guns
 77   Phil Lewis                                       L.A. Guns
 78   Kelly Nickels                                    L.A. Guns
 79   Tracii Guns                                      L.A. Guns
 80   Billy Milano                                     M.O.D.
 81   Tim Mallone                                      M.O.D.
 82   Lou Svitek                                       M.O.D.
 83   John Monte                                       M.O.D.
 84   Dan Kilker                                       Nuclear Assault
 85   John Connelly                                    Nuclear Assault
 86   John Connelly                                    Nuclear Assault
 87   Glenn Evans                                      Nuclear Assault
 88   John Connelly                                    Nuclear Assault
 89   Anthony Bramante                                 Nuclear Assault
 90   Glenn Evans                                      Nuclear Assault
 91   Michael Schenker                                 McAuley Schenker Group
 92   Michael Schenker                                 McAuley Schenker Group
 93   Robin McAuley                                    McAuley Schenker Group
 94   Michael Schenker                                 McAuley Schenker Group
 95   Robin McAuley                                    McAuley Schenker Group
 96   Robin McAuley                                    McAuley Schenker Group
 97   Robin McAuley                                    McAuley Schenker Group
 98   Michael Schenker                                 McAuley Schenker Group
 99   :Before Skid Row went public, "... We got our    Skid Row
100   Dave Sabo                                        Skid Row
101   Sebastian Bach                                   Skid Row
102   Rachel Bolan                                     Skid Row
103   Scotti Hill                                      Skid Row
104   Sebastian Bach                                   Skid Row
105   Sebastian Bach                                   Skid Row
106   Rachel Bolan                                     Skid Row
107   Dave Sabo                                        Skid Row
108   Dave Sabo                                        Skid Row
109   Rob Affuso                                       Skid Row
110   Rob Affuso                                       Skid Row
111   Rob Affuso                                       Skid Row
112   Dave Sabo                                        Skid Row
113   Rachel Bolan                                     Skid Row
114   Scotti Hill                                      Skid Row
115   Sebastian Bach                                   Skid Row
116   Stick It To Ya                                   Slaughter
117   Blas Elias                                       Slaughter
118   Dana Strum                                       Slaughter
119   Dana Strum                                       Slaughter
120   Mark Slaughter                                   Slaughter
121   Dana Strum                                       Slaughter
122   Tim Kelly                                        Slaughter
123   Tim Kelly                                        Slaughter
124   Mark Slaughter                                   Slaughter
125   Mark Slaughter                                   Slaughter
126   Mark Slaughter                                   Slaughter
127   Blas Elias                                       Slaughter
128   Blas Elias                                       Slaughter
129   Blas Elias                                       Slaughter
130   Tim & Mark                                       Slaughter
131   Dana Strum                                       Slaughter
132   Dana Strum                                       Slaughter
133   :Billy Squier has some impressive career highl   Billy Squier
134   :Billy Squier on Creatures of Habit "Young At    Billy Squier
135   :"(Billy Squier is) the quintessential honest    Billy Squier
136   :Billy explains Creatures of Habit: "All of us   Billy Squier
137   :Squire's latest release, Creatures of Habit,    Billy Squier
138   :Billy Squier on Creators of Habit "She Goes D   Billy Squier
139   :Raised on late '60s rock radio in Wellesley H   Billy Squier
140   Janet Gardner                                    Vixen
141   Roxy Petrucci                                    Vixen
142   Share Pedersen                                   Vixen
143   Roxy Petrucci                                    Vixen
144   Share Pedersen                                   Vixen
145   Jan Kuehnemund                                   Vixen
146   Jan Kuehnemund                                   Vixen
147   Jan Kuehnemund                                   Vixen
148   Roxy Petrucci                                    Vixen
149   (Checklist)
150   (Checklist)


Bonus Holograms (1:5 packs)

--    Bon Jovi
--    Iron Maiden
--    Judas Priest
--    L.A. Guns
--    Mega Metal
--    Skid Row
--    Slaughter

--    (Error hologram: shows lightning background, but no band name
       and otherwise blank image.)

Card Album

--    (Binder)

Paper Checklist (Mail-In Offer)


--    Mega Metal ("Prototype", unnumbered)
--    Bon Jovi ("Prototype", unnumbered)
--    Skid Row ("Prototype", unnumbered)

©2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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