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MegoCIPSA Planet of the Apes - 2010-2011

Notes: These cards celebrating action-figure series were produced by fans associated 
with the Mego Museum. Most text of the MegoCIPSA cards is in Spanish, while 
most text of the Bullmark cards is in Japanese. Thanks to David Rosciszewski for 

     No.   Title               Role

MegoCIPSA (2010)

     MC1   Soldado Ursus       The Executioner of the Humans
     MC2   General Urko        The Leader of the Ape Army
     MC3   Cornelius           The Ape Scientist
     MC4   Dr. Zaius           The Ape Patriarch
     MC5   Bill                The Ape Patriarch

      --   CIPSA Checklist

MegoBullmark (2011

     No.   Title

     BM1   Dr. Zaius
     BM2   Zira
     BM3   Cornelius
     BM4   Soldier Ape
     BM5   Astronaut

      --   Bullmark Checklist
      --   MegoCIPSA Checklist [CIPSA and Bullmark sets]

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