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Melting Pot
Comic Images - 1993

Notes:  There are ten front-color-background variations, noted in the list below. Usually
with Comic Images chromium sets, the "natural" set size is 100 cards numbered 1-90
with 10 cards with two variations each.  Each copy of the variation cards is equally
abundant, in other words, there will be twice as many cards numbered 82 as cards
numbered 81 and they will be split roughly 50-50 between the two varieties.  Bill
White reports that his box indeed matched this pattern, and you can consider the
set size to be 100.  However, "lucky me" found that my box did not follow the
pattern, and there was only one type of each variation-card inside.  If I judged the
set just from this box, I would call the series a 90-card set without variations. Because
both types of distribution are observed, we can conclude that the variation card
numbers may be slightly "short printed" and a 100-card set with variations would
be somewhat more difficult to complete through trading -- especially if you break
down a box and find that it contains only one version of the variation cards.

Also issued was a parallel HoloChrome set, inserted at an average of around two per
box; this parallel  set also had the same ten background-color variations. Thanks much 
to Bill for the update and corrections!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common 90-card sets: approx. 2.79 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Three Wise Men
  2   Holyland Imperial Guard
  3   Zarrah
  4   Odin and Zeek
  5   The Chosen Ones
  6   On Top of the Battle Beast!
  7   Clamhead & Smiley
  8   Spanky's Gang
  9   The Gorr
 10   Scouts
 11   Rakk Mon
 12   In the Beginning
 13   Bad Ass
 14   The Big Dump
 15   A Rude Awakening
 16   The New World
 17   Elimination
 18   Tyler's Obsession
 19   The Beginning of the End
 20   Invincible Lord Tyler
 21   Fighter Trouble in Space
 22   Crash Landing on Unknown World
 23a  The First Attack [blue background]
 23b  The First Attack [gold background]
 24   Death Strikes Twice
 25a  Lethal, Huge and Hungry [red background]
 25b  Lethal, Huge and Hungry [gold background]
 26   Unseen Assassins
 27   Lifeless Eyes
 28a  Jokk and Tookaa [gold background]
 28b  Jokk and Tookaa [purple background]
 29   Arrival in Juudas
 30   The Gorr Fights
 31   Spikes Tearing Flesh
 32   One By One They Die
 33   Jokk and Tookaa Lose Their Coin
 34   Clamhead Attacks
 35   Zeek protects His Master
 36   Odin Says No More Blood
 37   Smiley's Soiled Departure
 38   Zeek and Odin Head for High Ground
 39   Traveling Tales of the Past
 40   Evil Masses at Shantarr
 41   Lord Tyler and Grinner
 42   The Master Returns
 43   The Bat Feeds
 44   Entrance to the Master's Tent
 45   The Ambassador's Pleas Are Voiced
 46   Lord Tyler Passes Judgment
 47   Grinner's Appetizer
 48   The Executioner
 49   Judgment Is Passed
 50a  Orders for Destruction [blue background]
 50b  Orders for Destruction [orange background]
 51   The Ceremonies Before Battle
 52a  Stumbling Upon Horror [yellow background]
 52b  Stumbling Upon Horror [red background]
 53   Remembrance
 54   Zarrah the Carrier
 55   Grinner Senses the Decay
 56   Help Me, Kill Me
 57   Grinner's Only Fear
 58   The Night Before Continues
 59a  The Scent of Battle [orange background]
 59b  The Scent of Battle [blue background]
 60   Dawn Attack
 61   Through the Eyes of a Demon
 62   Caught Off Guard
 63   At Shantarr's Gates
 64   A Valiant Stand
 65   Gate Buster
 66   Shantarr Falls
 67   Lord Tyler at the Palace Gates
 68   Grinner at His Side
 69a  Charging through Destruction [blue background]
 69b  Charging through Destruction [violet background]
 70   Never Had a Chance
 71   Into the Inner Chambers
 72   The End Is Near
 73a  Praying for Forgiveness [gold background]
 73b  Praying for Forgiveness [green background]
 74a  The Council of Shantarr Dies [yellow background]
 74b  The Council of Shantarr Dies [pink background]
 75   Tyler's View of the Aftermath
 76   No Survivors, No Prisoners
 77   Death Brings Excitement
 78   Bring Me a Woman of This Place
 79   Zarrah Gives Herself
 80   The War Lord Is Pleased
 81   While the Destruction Rages...
 82a  Passion Abounds [yellow background]
 82b  Passion Abounds [red background]
 83   Content with Their Victories
 84   Zarrah's Found Her Mate
 85   Tyler Loves No One
 86   We Must Part Forever
 87   No, Don't Send Me Away
 88   Cold As Ice
 89   Lord Tyler, Beginning of the End
 90   Checklist


Prism Cards (1:12 packs)

P1    Eastman
P2    Talbot
P3    Bisley
P4    In the Beginning
P5    Inspiration
P6    The Melting Pot

Olivia 3 Promo (Box topper: outside, within shrink-wrap)

Olivia 3 Promo Sheet (Box topper: inside)

Parallel Holochrome Set (1-3 cards per box)

PROMO CARDS (art by Simon Bisley)

---   (unnumbered, Chromium)
---   (unnumbered, Prism)

©2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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