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Mickey Mouse (Type 1)
   Gum, Inc. / Walt Disney - 1935
Mickey Mouse (Type 2)
   Gum, Inc. / Walt Disney - 1935
Mickey Mouse
   O-Pee-Chee - 1935
Mickey Mouse
   Reprinted 1991 - Applewood Books

Notes: Cards are 2-1/2" x 3-1/8" with cartoon questions and answers. The first print run 
("Type 1") included only cards 1-24 and provided answers on the same cards as the 
questions. The later series provided answers on different cards. The Applewood reprint 
cards are slightly narrower than the Gum Inc. and O-Pee-Chee cards.

American Card Catalog reference is R89. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports 
Cards gallery.

No.   Caption

  1   Let's make Hoop-ee!
  2   It's raining cats and dogs!
  3   Fleas, go 'way and let me sleep!
  4   Watch! It's a snap!
  5   Looks funny when she knits, doesn't she? / Suppose she's a knit-wit?
  6   Let it bee, Pluto! Let it bee!!
  7   Bad stew Mickey / 'Stew bad Minnie!
  8   Just ironing out some of Mickey's difficulties!
  9   Uncle Walt told me to take a walk and I'm doing it!
 10   That horse-shoe is certainly a ringer for Mickey!
 11   Likes that target, doesn't he! / Mickey's just stuck on that target!
 12   What are they reading? / It's all foreign to me!
 13   Am I lucky! Look!! - A four-leaf clover!
 14   Mickey is sure making a name for himself!
 15   A letter on a fan? / Certainly! Mickey loves to get fan mail!
 16   Look! He's all wrapped up in his work!
 17   Look! Free wheeling!
 18   Take it! You'll feel better! / That's a lot of oil, Mickey!
 19   The line is busy!
 20   A boy scout? / Sure! I do a good turn daily!
 21   He's sure a handy man around the mouse!
 22   My! What pig eyes you have!
 23   That's an awful blow to me, Mickey!
 24   You sure turned the tables on me that time, Pluto!

 25   You hit the nail right on the head Mickey! / 'Pon my sole it needs fixing!
 26   Just pup-posing
 27   That camel walks a mile for Mickey!
 28   I blow such nice sounds into it! / But such awful sounds come out
 29   Here's a dandelion I pulled for you! / You always pull a dandy line for me!
 30   You sound like a pig Mickey!
 31   Let's go in for a dip! / Feeling dippy, Mickey?
 32   Can Mickey Play? / No, but he can carry a tune!
 33   Do you belong to any Mickey Mouse Clubs? / No, but these Mickey Mouse Clubs belong to me!!!
 34   Pluto smells a trap!
 35   You can't make a monkey out of me!
 36   You! / Ooo
 37   Soda pup?
 38   Look! Mickey's in a row with Minnie!
 39   Are you the engineer? / No, this is the engine 'ere!
 40   That face sure looks familiar to me!
 41   I'll give you a licking for this kitty! / I'm taking my licking now!
 42   Oh! So you're egging me on!
 43   Dynamite explodes! / Pluto might too!
 44   Food comes pretty high nowadays! / That's over my head Minnie!
 45   You're a great shot, Mickey! / You hold your end up too, Pluto!
 46   Please help the poor! / Poor little skunk! He hasn't a scent to his name!
 47   Bee gone!
 48   Service a la carte!
 49   Crazy trip isn't it? / Of course! It's a buggy ride.
 50   Beat it, Mickey! Drum for your life! Here comes Minnie!
 51   This little pig went to mark it.
 52   Playing 'kitten on the keys? / Just kiddin' on the keys.
 53   This is the end of me!
 54   Lo Mickey. / High Minnie.
 55   Look, he's all keyed up.
 56   Pluto has left, what do you say to that? / Dog-gone.
 57   They've got toot-aches.
 58   Look, Mickey foots the bill.
 59   You're the under-dog, Pluto. / Sure, but you get over, Mickey.
 60   Look, they're coming to blows.
 61   Dishes the life.
 62   Like it Pluto? / Yeh, but don't rub me the wrong way.
 63   The mail must go through.
 64   I'm so hungry I could eat like a horse. / Quick, bring her a bucket of oats.
 65   Guess I'll 'knuckle' down to work.
 66   Sure there's fish in here.
 67   Is Minnie taking a screen test? / No, she's taking a scream test!
 68   He's sure the cat's me-ouse!
 69   Who did this? / I cannot tell a lie I did it with my little hatch-it!
 70   Mickey's getting something hot off his chest!
 71   Is that a nickel? / No, that's a mickel!
 72   Mickey, the bear-back rider
 73   I'm alive with fleas! / Don't worry! Where there's life there's soap!
 74   Striking fellow, isn't he?
 75   Ah! Something's stirring!
 76   He's playing them for Minnie! / Certainly! They're love notes!
 77   You can't make it, Mickey! That ice is cracked! / That's an ice crack to make, Minnie!
 78   How do you do it? What do you use? / Look! It's a pipe!
 79   Who's afraid of the Big Bad Woof!
 80   Good day, Juliet! / Good Knight, Romeo!
 81   Isn't he a nice skater? / You mean an ice skater!
 82   Let me run for the doctor / Don't make it a quack doctor, Minnie!
 83   I churn some butter every day. Don't you think I'm a good Scout? / Sure! You do a good churn daily!
 84   We're the Fire and Brum Corps!
 85   I saw that wood yesterday / I saw that wood now!
 86   Getting purse-nal, Horace?
 87   That cat's going to the dog's! / You mean that dog's going to the cat's!
 88   That's no man! / You're right! That's show-man!
 89   He bought that fife at the store for ten cents! / Ah! the fife-and-ten-cent store! / Cheep! Cheep!
 90   Sweet Dreams
 91   Birds in the Spring!
 92   People like Uncle Walt, don't they, Mickey? / Sure, he naturally draws people!
 93   Is that what you do when you get angry? / Sure, I stamp my foot!
 94   Get up! It's dawn! / Ah! Dawn on the farm!
 95   Do you get paid for doing that? / Sure! I'm drawing 'My Salary' now!
 96   Everything's dark and dreary! / Look! Uncle Tom's crabbin'

 --   Mickey Mouse Picture Card Album - Vol. 1 Series No. 1 to No. 48
 --   Mickey Mouse Picture Card Album - Vol. 2 Series No. 49 to No. 96
 --   (soft box; Applewood Books reprint set)
 --   (hard box; Applewood Books reprint, with 97-120)

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