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Hero Factory - 2003

Notes:  The series was never widely marketed, as far as I know, but a limited 
numbers of sets was sold direct. Originally Hero Factory planned to limit the 
release to less than 1100 sets worldwide. Many thanks to Dan Donovan for the 
update! Further information and scans are posted at the Hero Factory website.

No.   Title                            Artist

Devil's Due Comic Art

 01   Micronauts #1 Alt. Cover         Dave Johnson
 02   Micronauts #1 Cover              Dave Johnson
 03   Harrowers                        Eric Wolfe Hanson
 04   Karza on Throne                  Eric Wolfe Hanson
 05   Biotron                          Eric Wolfe Hanson
 06   Karza origin                     Eric Wolfe Hanson
 07   Valentino Pin-Up                 Jim Valentino
 08   Acroyear                         Eric Wolfe Hanson
 09   Ryan Archer                      Eric Wolfe Hanson
 10   Baron Karza                      Eric Wolfe Hanson
 11   Ganam Jafain                     Eric Wolfe Hanson
 12   Microtron                        Eric Wolfe Hanson
 13   Persephone                       Eric Wolfe Hanson
 14   General Maruunus Ki              Eric Wolfe Hanson
 15   General Azura Nova               Eric Wolfe Hanson
 16   Ordaal                           Eric Wolfe Hanson
 17   General Azura vs. Acroyear       Eric Wolfe Hanson
 18   Checklist / Baron Karza's City   Eric Wolfe Hanson

Classic Toy Art

 19   Time Traveler                    Dave Dorman
 20   Acroyear                         Dave Dorman
 21   Space Glider                     Dave Dorman
 22   Baron Karza                      Dave Dorman
 23   Force Commander                  Dave Dorman
 24   Membros                          Dave Dorman
 25   Baron Karza - Alternate          Dave Dorman
 26   Hornetroid Concept Art           Stephen Lee
 27   Alien Concept Art 1              Stephen Lee
 28   Alien Art 2 [signed]             Stephen Lee
 29   Antron Art                       Stephen Lee
 30   Centaurus [signed]               Ken Kelly
 31   Hornetroid                       Ken Kelly
 32   Kronos                           Ken Kelly
 33   Lobros                           Ken Kelly
 34   Membros                          Ken Kelly
 35   Repto                            Ken Kelly
 36   Terraphant                       Ken Kelly

Factory Set Extras

 --   (Special box -or- album)
 --   (Space Glider Action Figure)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (Binder: red and yellow theme)
 --   (Binder: brown and silver theme)

PREVIEW SET (sold separately; ©2002)

 P1   Micronauts #1 Cover              Dave Johnson
 P2   Micronauts #1 Alt. Cover         Eric Wolfe Hanson
 P3   Acroyear                         Eric Wolfe Hanson
 P4   Valentino Pin-up                 Jim Valentino
 P5   Harrowers                        Eric Wolfe Hanson
 P6   Karza on Throne                  Eric Wolfe Hanson
 P7   Ryan Archer                      Eric Wolfe Hanson
 P8   Biotron                          Eric Wolfe Hanson
 P9   Karza origin                     Eric Wolfe Hanson
 --   (Space Glider Action Figure)

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©2003, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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