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Mighty Zombies: Capes, Cowls and Brains
   Unpleasant Dreams - 2013

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Unpleasant Dreams blog.

Pack: 1 sketch card. 200 packs total.

   Artist                   # sketched

   Anthony Hochrein             12
   Babisu Kourtis               12
   Bianca Thompson              12
   Boo                          12
   Chris Meeks                  12
   Dan Gorman                    7
   Debra Quinn                   7
   Dreek Owen                   12
   Elfie Leboleux               15
   George Calloway              12
   George Webber                10
   J Fer Galicia                12
   John Monsserat               12
   Kokkinakis Achilleas         12
   Kristen Allen                 7
   Liam Shalloo                  7
   Mark Martino                  7
   Pablo Diaz                   12
   Rich Mollineli                6
   Rusty Gilligan                7
   Scott Rorie                  10
   Tim Proctor                   5
   Vanessa "Banky" Farano       12
   Vince Sunico                 12
   Walter D Rice                 6
   William Kunkle                7
   William Withers               7

   Kokkinakis Achilleas, Babisu Kourtis (Jam)

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