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Milk and Cheese
21st Century Archives - 1995

Note:  All art is by Evan Dorkin.  Also distributed as a factory set of 50 cards plus one
chase card. Note that card 666 replaces #6.  Thanks much to Alan Phillips for the original

No.   Front                                         Back

  1   Milk and Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad!     Lock your doors! Hide the children and beer! It's Milk and Che
  2   Milk                                          Gaze upon THE HERCULES OF HATE! Look hard! Look real hard and
  3   Cheese                                        Look upon THE SAMSON OF SPITE! Go ahead, look! Look, damn you!
  4   Onward to insanity! Onward to mayhem!         Presenting the Comedy Stylings of Milk and Cheese
  5   Bowling for Dullards!                         Time Out for Slushies ...
666   Go to Hell. please...                         Our Idea of a Good Hell, by Milk and Cheese
  7   Panic in the Streets!                         Panic-Inducing Quotes from the Lactose Intolerants
  8   Atomic Beer                                   Behold--The Atomic Dream!
  9   Ice-Cold Milk                                 Wouldn't it be funny if you spent a lot of money trying to com
 10   Pee-yoo! Who cut the human?                   Old Joke Theatre!
 11   With all our hate -- xoxo, Milk and Cheese    Join the Milk and Cheese Fan Club!
 12   T.V. Party To-Nite!                           An Apology
 13   uh-oh! Bad luck! For you!                     Bad Luck Card
 14   Merv Griffin!                                 Merv Griffin! Merv Griffin! Meeeerv Griffin! Merv Griffin! Mer
 15   Ah, to the Good Life!                         Milk and Cheese's 5 Favorite Disasters
 16   Vomit!                                        Recipe for Disaster - Milk and Cheese Knockout Punch
 17   T.V. Yes.                                     Wheeeeee!!
 18   Circles of Mayhem                             The Ten Commandments of Milk and Cheese Part I
 19   Your Mother!                                  Milk and Cheese in "Get that Fly!" - A Card-Toon All for You!
 20   The World is our oyster bar...                Cheese! There's a fly in the house! Get that fly!
 21   (Attack on Tokyo)                             It's going out the window! Get that fly! Catch it!!
 22   What the hell are you looking at?             Hurry! Let no man, woman or purple-assed baboon stay our hand!
 23   Gin makes a man mean!                         Get that fly! Get that fly!!
 24   Shriner Frenzy! in 3-D                        Wait... I've got it. You've got it?!
 25   Oh, those two!                                Yikes! I don't have it! Aargh! Hurry! Get that fly! Get it!
 26   God made us funky!                            Get that fly!
 27   Breakfast of Lunatics!                        Ha ha! Silly people! We were only kidding! There wasn't any fl
 28   Society is to blame! Stick it to the man!     Don't blame Milk and Cheese! It's not their fault! And even if
 29   Tag! You're Nipsey Russell! No! Nooo!         Rules for Playing "No-Talent Celebrity Tag"
 30   Gods? Or madmen?                              The Ten Commandments of Milk and Cheese Part II
 31   We're so funny -- We forgot to laugh!         Rotten Ideas Milk and Cheese Readers Have Sent In
 32   Aw-haw-haw! Milk and Cheese are very ...      Milk and Cheese across the World!!
 33   Welcome to our world...                       The Fairly Dull Origins of Milk and Cheese
 34   Filthy Little Plotters of Ruin!               (The Month of May-Hem)
 35   Trick or treat! Smell our feet!               Milk and Cheese's Handy Halloween Tips
 36   The Milk and Cheese Experience                10 Failed Milk and Cheese Merchandise Tie-Ins+C71
 37   Book-o-Fire! Gin! Slusho! Beer of the Gods!   These Are a Few of Their Favorite Things!
 38   Moron Kombat!                                 Know the Enemy!
 39   We hate you THIS much!                        Sustomer Survey
 40   Park the car!                                 Nobody knows where Milk and Cheese learned to drive. For that
 41   Sugar Rush!                                   Eat some sugar! Now! Eat some sugar! Don't just stand there lo
 42   (Montage of poorly drawn dairy products)      How to Draw Milk and Cheese
 43   Banzai!                                       Behold!! The-blank-stare-of hate!
 44   We cure the stupid! Who's next?               It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. Right, stupid?
 45   Temper Tantrum!                               Rejected Titles for Milk and Cheese Comic Strips Part 2
 46   the hurt never goes away... Herve             Other More-or-Less Famous Dirt-Sleepers
 47   Santa's Little Helper                         Milk and Cheese's Holiday Wish-List
 48   (Atomic Beer Burning)                         Who to Blame
 49   Here they come!                               There they go!
 50   Goodbye... So long... suckers.                So long folks... thanks for having us. It's been a pleasure. G

 --   21st Century Archives (mini-order forms; pack inserts)


Foil-Embossed Cards

      Action Girl
      Hectic Planet
      The Murder Family
      Myron the Living Voodoo Doll and the Devil Puppet
      The Eltingville Comic Book, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Role-Playing Club


--    (Unnumbered, 4"x6", promotes the "Santa Claus, a Nostalgic Art Journey"
       set as well as Milk and Cheese.  M&C art is from card #1.)

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