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Miller Genuine Trading Cards
   Sports Time - 1995

Notes:  Art Bagley has convinced me that there are indeed only five "Miller 
Moments" inserts, and the card identified on the checklist card as "M5" was 
printed as "M6." (Nobody's reported seeing a card printed M5.) Thanks also 
to LMA, Robert Smith, and Marcia Hammond for other updates!

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.14 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text

  1   An Invitation
  2   As this ad pointed out, there's more t
  3   This poolside scene is a classic ad fr
  4   Miller supported its strong outdoor he
  5   Another example of classic 1950s the a
  6   A Miller High Life is the perfect rewa
  7   Maybe the hunt was successful, maybe i
  8   When America's national symbol, the ba
  9   A bowler knows he can't be at his best
 10   Miller Genuine Draft... just right for
 11   Columbus found everlasting fame for "d
 12   another elegant advertising slick from
 13   Here's another example of classic Mill
 14   This '50s-era magazine ad reinforced M
 15   Here's the "official" fact sheet for M
 16   colorful magazine ad from the '50s. Mi
 17   A cold Miller High Life the perfect co
 18   Another example of classic '50s advert
 19   More classic art from the Miller archi
 20   Here's a beautiful example of 1950s ma
 21   Quality and good taste have always equ
 22   The intent behind Miller's "Champagne
 23   Classic image advertising supporting t
 24   Vintage auto, vintage ad. Early in the
 25   This clever look at the answer to ever
 26   Music-themed advertising from the 1970
 27   The "Girl in the Moon" looks down upon
 28   Vintage "Champagne of Bottle Beer" ad
 29   Special-event promotion from the 1980s
 30   A classic, this ad was part of Miller
 31   This label once adorned a 64-oz. bottl
 32   Poster art designed for public display
 33   Brewery founder Frederick John Miller
 34   Sports-themed art emphasizing Miller H
 35   Here's an elegant ad that pre-dates "W
 36   Another distinctive ad from a 1950s Mi
 37   Miller has has been a leader in suppor
 38   This ad from the 1960s shows the newly
 39   The man in this classic image is enjoy
 40   A relaxing moment with friends is at t
 41   This High Life ad appeared not long af
 42   This plaque sits near the entrance to
 43   An artist's rendition of the Port of M
 44   Miller, the best Milwaukee beer. The c
 45   Late-'80s advertising, after the 1985
 46   Colorful ad created for an '80s St. Pa
 47   Distinctive advertising for Miller Gen
 48   With apologies to Bram Stoker, Miller'
 49   Checklist Card 1
 50   Checklist Card 2
 51   The label from any early-20th century
 52   Miller's famed "Girl in the Moon" has
 53   Several of the buildings in use at Mil
 54   The era of convenience... Miller High
 55   The summer of 1984 was a special time
 56   The Miller Brewing Company dominated t
 57   When the repeal of Prohibition went in
 58   One of a series of "Miller Heritage" p
 59   From a series of "Miller Heritage" pai
 60   Vintage advertising from the earliest
 61   More classic High Life advertising fro
 62   A Mark English illustration of the Pla
 63   Stylish snowboarding-themed ad for Mil
 64   Miller saluted one of the oldest sport
 65   Distinctive "Miller Time" advertising
 66   A distinctive display board from the "
 67   Classic Miller advertising from the la
 68   One of a series of "Miller Heritage" p
 69   A Miller High Life delivery wagon as i
 70   The S.S. High Life cuts through the wi
 71   One of a series of "Miller Heritage" p
 72   A Jacob Leinenkugel's brewery wagon po
 73   Shown is the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing
 74   A stallion gallops across a Western su
 75   These 1950s ads for Miller High Life,
 76   America was built on the backs and eff
 77   Outside the Miller Cafe, a popular spo
 78   Frederick Miller's story of success wa
 79   One of a series of "Miller Heritage" p
 80   The Miller coat of arms, another of Mi
 81   Fred Miller Brewing Co. employees dres
 82   Billboard advertising has been a key p
 83   Miller Brewing Company has sponsored s
 84   America's older generations might reme
 85   The "Tap Into the Cold" campaign prove
 86   Miller Genuine Draft's "Cold Filtered"
 87   The "sommer garten" established by Fre
 88   One of a series of "Miller Heritage" p
 89   One of a series of "Miller Heritage" p
 90   The replica of Frederick Miller's Plan
 91   A common sight in the 1920s was G-men
 92   The beer stein is an Old World traditi
 93   Shown here is a rare label from a cont
 94   Another vintage advertisement from the
 95   One of a series of "Miller Heritage" p
 96   Clever advertising for Meister Brau, o
 97   This circa-'60 pitch created a classic
 98   Chase Card Checklist
 99   Checklist Card 3
100   Checklist Card 4


Miller Moments Embossed Cards (1:36 packs)

 M1   Miller Brewing Company's presence in the world
 M2   The Miller Brewing Company logo is familiar to
 M3   Miller Brewing Company colors reached
 M4   Miller Brewing Company has reached the
 M6   Miller Brewing Company's presence in the racing

Miller Crystal Gallery Acetate Cards (1:12 packs)

C1    Prohibition Repealed
C2    (Golden woman sitting on a half white moon against a gold disk background)
C3    (Woman in red dress sitting on a white half moon against night sky disk background)
C4    (Woman sitting on a half moon on the side of an airplane)
C5    (Golden woman sitting on a gold half moon with gold stars on a transparent disk background)
C6    (Woman serving bottles of beers on a gold tray)
C7    (Woman on a white half moon against a night sky full card semi-transparent background)
C8    (Woman holding a bottle with both hands against a night sky full card semi-transparent background)
C9    (Woman sitting on a half moon looking to her left against a night sky full card semi-
      transparent background with a ornamentation on all four corners)
C10   ?

Miller Holiday Chaser Foil Cards (1:6 packs)

H1   In the heart of Miller Town, across th
H2   Lest we forget the spirit of giving at
H3   Just east of the Miller inn along Milw
H4   Miller's corporate headquarters as it
H5   Another of the classic seasonal Miller
H6   Miller has made fine use of the basic
H7   Here's a stylish advertising piece tha
H8   Though Milwaukee, Miller's early marke
H9   Another of Miller's holiday season-rel
H10  Another of the holiday-themed ads appe
H11  This holiday-themed ad appeared in num
H12  One classic "Girl" pose could be used
H13  This Idyllic wintertime scene might se
H14  This stylish piece of Miller advertisi
H15  A Merry Christmas from Miller Brewing

Case Topper Card

 CT  (die-cut card)


 P   New from Sports Time
 1J  Sports Time Inc. and Miller Brewing Company pay tribute ... 
         [Jumbo, 7" x 5", foil-etched; same image as CT]

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