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Minute Biographies
   Federal Sweets - 1930s

Notes: Cards are 1-3/16" x 3-7/16" and feature color artwork on fronts and descriptive 
text on backs. Artwork is taken from two books, "Minute Biographies" and "More 
Minute Biographies." American Card Catalog reference is R91.

   Title                            Lifespan

   Alfred the Great                  849- 901
   P. T. Barnum                     1810-1891
   Ludwig van Beethoven             1770-1827
   Alexander Graham Bell            1847-1922
   Daniel Boone                     1735-1820
   John Burroughs                   1837-1921
   Julius Caesar                     100-4 B.C.
   William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill)   1847-1917
   Christopher Columbus             1446-1506
   Calvin Coolidge                  1872-1933
   Madame Marie Curie               1867-
   Thomas Edison                    1847-1931
   Ferdinand Foch                   1851-1929
   Henry Ford                       1863-
   Stephen Foster                   1826-1864
   Benjamin Franklin                1706-1790
   Robert Fulton                    1763-1815
   Henry Hudson                         -1611
   Abraham Lincoln                  1809-1865
   Jenny Lind                       1820-1887
   Guglielmo Marconi                1874-
   Benito Mussolini                 1886-
   Napoleon Bonaparte               1769-1821
   Florence Nightingale             1820-1910
   Louis Pasteur                    1822-1895
   Adelina Patti                    1843-1919
   William Penn                     1644-1718
   John J. Pershing                 1860-
   Pocahontas                       1594-1617
   Paul Revere                      1735-1818
   Franklin Delano Roosevelt        1882-
   Theodore Roosevelt               1858-1919
   Salome                           (1st Century C.E.)
   George Bernard Shaw              1856-
   Alfred E. Smith                  1873-
   Captain John Smith               1579-1631
   Solomon the Wise                    c. 937 B.C.
   Joseph Stalin                    1879-
   George Washington                1712-1799
   Daniel Webster                   1782-1852

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