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The 1992 Miss America Pageant
  50-Contestant Card Collection
Cypher Entertainment - 1992

Note: Distributed as a boxed set before the pageant.  A 100-card "pageant" set was
issued separately afterwards.  The Miss "Your-State-Here" contestants produced
the Miss America for the following year, in this case 1993.

   Representing          Contestant

   Miss Alabama          Kim Wimmer
   Miss Alaska           Keri Baumgardner
   Miss Arizona          Robin Rayborn
   Miss Arkansas         Shannon Boy
   Miss California       Patricia Ann Northrup
   Miss Colorado         Stacey Rose
   Miss Connecticut      Valorie Abate
   Miss Delaware         Kathleen Ann Slavin
   Miss Florida          Leanza Cornett
   Miss Georgia          Stephanie Michels
   Miss Hawaii           Pamela Kimura
   Miss Idaho            Stephanie Anne Smith
   Miss Illinois         Kathleen Farrell
   Miss Indiana          Shelli Renee Yoder
   Miss Iowa             Catherine Ann Lemkau
   Miss Kansas           Pam McKelvy
   Miss Kentucky         Tawnya Mullins
   Miss Louisiana        Elizabeth Haynes
   Miss Maine            Christina Jane Lasso
   Miss Maryland         Tammy Wyatt
   Miss Massachusetts    Lisa Gail Desroches
   Miss Michigan         Terri Sue Liford
   Miss Minnesota        Jo Bender
   Miss Mississippi      Kandace Williams
   Miss Missouri         Stephanie Patterson
   Miss Montana          Joann Kayleen Jorgensen
   Miss Nebraska         Natalie Jean Kuijvenhoven
   Miss Nevada           Sandra Dornak
   Miss New Hampshire    Rachel Alice Petz
   Miss New Jersey       Heather Hertling
   Miss New Mexico       Shireen Ilsa Cheney
   Miss New York         Ingrid Olsen
   Miss North Carolina   Heidi Williams
   Miss North Dakota     Stephanie Jean Fisher
   Miss Ohio             Robin Meade
   Miss Oklahoma         Du Sharme Carter
   Miss Oregon           Sara Kristi Paulson
   Miss Pennsylvania     Judy Fitch
   Miss Rhode Island     Lisa Grace Snow
   Miss South Carolina   Carrie Lee Davis
   Miss South Dakota     Leslie Rae Saunders
   Miss Tennessee        Leah L. Hulan
   Miss Texas            Amy Nesha Parker
   Miss Utah             Jennifer Ward
   Miss Vermont          Nicole Capri Gentry
   Miss Virginia         Lora Lynn Flattum
   Miss Washington       Colleen Ann Kearney
   Miss West Virginia    Kimberly Parrish
   Miss Wisconsin        Stephanie Ann Klett
   Miss Wyoming          Stacy Dawn Cenedese

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Redemption Offer

--   Special Bonus Card (redemption)
--   (Uncut 50-card sheet, autographed by Miss America 1993)


--    Miss Arkansas
--    Miss Connecticut
--    Miss Louisiana
--    Miss Massachusetts

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