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The 1993 Miss America Pageant
  50-Contestant Card Collection
Cypher Entertainment - 1993

Note: Distributed as a boxed set before the pageant.  A 100-card "pageant" set was
issued separately afterwards.  The Miss "Your-State-Here" contestants produced
the Miss America for the following year, in this case 1994.

No.   Representing          Contestant

  1   Miss Alabama          Kalyn Chapman
  2   Miss Alaska           Rebecca Nyboer
  3   Miss Arizona          Amanda Murray
  4   Miss Arkansas         Nicole Bethmann
  5   Miss California       Lisa Michelle Duncan
  6   Miss Colorado         Stephanie Irving
  7   Miss Connecticut      Kimberly Burgess
  8   Miss Delaware         Jennifer Lin Kaczmarczyk
  9   Miss Florida          Nicole Padgett
 10   Miss Georgia          Kara Kim Martin
 11   Miss Hawaii           Kanoe Aberegg
 12   Miss Idaho            Roseanna Boyle
 13   Miss Illinois         Sara Helena Martin
 14   Miss Indiana          Dayna Lea Brewer
 15   Miss Iowa             Nancy Van Meter
 16   Miss Kansas           Lori Minnix
 17   Miss Kentucky         Tonya Dee Virgin
 18   Miss Louisiana        Catherine Teague
 19   Miss Maine            Josette Caroline Huntress
 20   Miss Maryland         Renee Cole
 21   Miss Massachusetts    Ellen-Marie Fitzgerald
 22   Miss Michigan         Stacey Heisler
 23   Miss Minnesota        Shawna Stoltenberg
 24   Miss Mississippi      Lenena Holder
 25   Miss Missouri         Amber Green
 26   Miss Montana          Erica Havig
 27   Miss Nebraska         Mary Lynn Schnitzler
 28   Miss Nevada           Mitzie Darleen Cox
 29   Miss New Hampshire    Tricia Ann-Regan McEachern
 30   Miss New Jersey       Michele Sexton
 31   Miss New Mexico       Sharon Melton
 32   Miss New York         Marcia L. Cillan
 33   Miss North Carolina   Mary Susan Runion
 34   Miss North Dakota     Suzanne Spilde
 35   Miss Ohio             Titilayo Rachel Adedokun
 36   Miss Oklahoma         Elizabeth Rose Moseley
 37   Miss Oregon           Elizabeth Jeanne Simmons
 38   Miss Pennsylvania     Diane Fabiano
 39   Miss Rhode Island     Wendy Ann Mello
 40   Miss South Carolina   Kimberly Clarice Aiken
 41   Miss South Dakota     Angela Sue Casey
 42   Miss Tennessee        Kathleen Michelle Brang
 43   Miss Texas            BaShara Chandler
 44   Miss Utah             Marquessa Glee Bullock
 45   Miss Vermont          Jacqueline Quirk
 46   Miss Virginia         Nancy Glisson
 47   Miss Washington       Teri Ann Plante
 48   Miss West Virginia    Cindy Sims
 49   Miss Wisconsin        Tania Elizabeth Zeigler
 50   Miss Wyoming          Deborah Maston
 51   Checklist

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 --  (Uncut 50-card sheet, autographed by Miss America 1994)

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